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Thread: Train shops in Branson, Mo.

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    Default Train shops in Branson, Mo.


    Wife and her family (yah ) are going to Branson in the middle of the month. Just wondering if there are any train stores around there. Finding no. 6 code 83 Peco switches at the train expo was a bust. Just wanting to find some in a store to compare some more prices to see if evilbay is the way to go (rather buy from a store though). Thanks a bunch!! We will be coming from the St. Louis area if that matters.
    Brad K.

    "Life is like a shower...One wrong turn and you're in hot water."

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    Brad (and all you model railroaders who visit Branson):

    I live about 100 miles from Branson and was there last week, and visited the hobby shop for the first time.

    It is actually located in a small town south of and adjacent to Branson, Hollister MO.

    T.P.A. Hobby Center, 251-A St. James St., Hollister MO 65672,
    Ph 417-335-6624 (call them and see if they carry Peco.) Hours are 9-5 Tues; W & Th 9-4; Fri & Sat 9-5; Sun 11-4.

    Owner is Mike; Store Mgr. is JR.

    Store (very well stocked) is in the second story of the building, the first floor has 3 layouts plus the local club's HO modular layout. The door was open so I just walked in to the layouts and started visiting - they're pretty laid back down here.

    The downstairs area usually has club members present working around/on their layout from 9-3 on the days the store is open.

    Be sure to google a map; there's construction going on. Best way from Branson is to take Hwy 65 south and get off at the Hollister exit. It's currently difficult using the town streets between the two towns - all torn up.


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    Thanks a bunch! I will definitely check it out while we are down there.
    Brad K.

    "Life is like a shower...One wrong turn and you're in hot water."

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