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Thread: Central of Georgia Box car

  1. Default Central of Georgia Box car

    Just finished this C of G (P:48) to submit for NMRA Merit Award. Its a double wall, wood frame, ventilated car that was found in the 1902 The Railway Age publication. A fun project to build and it did receive MA at 103 points.

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    And a couple more pix.
    Forgive the HO scenery :]

    Also built a set of track scales on a display stand. Received MA - Structures.

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    very nice work. The detail is amazing!
    Trent Blasco

    Ask me about seeing two of Chicagolands largest Railroad clubs

    Elmhurst model railroad club

    Lake county model railroad club

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    Very nice job!

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    The latest scratch built - tank car and flat car. Plans from Car Builders Dictionary and Railway Age - circa 1910.
    The tank car is from 1 1/4" PVC pipe and basswood. Flat car from sheet styrene, angle and channel. Will add a farm-equipment box when I get lettering for it. Seeking Merit Award for Cars.
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