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Thread: Cardstock Buildings .. free

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    Default Cardstock Buildings .. free

    Found this link on another forum.

    In honor of the 2009 Bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth you can now Build Your Own HO-scale cardboard models of actual historic buildings associated with Abraham Lincoln. Funded by the Illinois Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission in association with Old State Capitol Foundation and the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, the downloadable model parts for ten Lincoln Site models are available.
    Build your own Lincoln Sites

    then there is "Build your own Main Street"

    Replace the windows and doors w/Grandt Line etc, print out extra sheets of cardstock to 3d the surface ..

    If you don't believe that cardstock look 'good enough' .. take a look at the buildings (O scale) that Troels Kirk builds for his layout .. .. his models/modeling sets a very high standard ..

    His Tesdorf Weavery for example .. like most of his buildings, built form mostly cardboard and paper ..

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    Impressive Main Street, especially the corner turret building.

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    I'm using the front walls mounted on boards as flats on part of my layout. The Old State Capital is rather impressive. I've built alot of cardstock structures usually reinforcing them with wood braces and or backing with thicker stock. I've got a reem of heavy weight printer paper I use for printing these and signs.
    Gary B

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    Ed, that site that you mentioned. is that really what they do - sell down-loadable files???
    Anton. and his useless page

    My layout progress
    Part 1 Part 2
    control panel (decommissioned)
    "Glass" Control Panel

    Track Planning for RealisticOperation - The only essential MRR book (IMHO)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tankist View Post
    Ed, that site that you mentioned. is that really what they do - sell down-loadable files???
    The last two links are from a place called Clever Models. Sorry .. didn't realaize that you might not be able to get to the home page ..

    Clever Models

    Yes, they produced downloadable cardstock buildings and a freebie every so often .. such as the scale house. Click the link above and goto the Freebie page .. in addition to the HO verson, there are ones in O,S and N

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    some of these make good background buildings - reduced to .75 or even smaller.

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    Here are a couple more resources.

    Scale Scenes always has a couple of small cardstock buildings available for free download.

    Norbtach's pages includes a bunch of free cardstock/foamboard plans, but you have to come up with your own colors and textures for many of them.

    - Jeff
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    Good stuff. I downloaded the three freebies from Scale Scenes. A quick look at the other link let me find some nice .jpg in his 'streets and pavement' section

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