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Thread: New to Model Trains. Looking for advice.

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    Hi there everyone that bothers to read this.

    This is my first post and I have a feeling not my last. Im a long time rail fan and I just picked up a HO scale Atlas Model Railroad set for my 5 year old son. Now I know your thinking 5 is to young for a set of this level. But hes not going to have his hands actually on the trains ever. He has CP and a plethora of other medical issues / problems and very poor motor skills.

    Ok to the point of why I set up a account on this forum. Here is what I am dealing with and need help with.

    Becuase he has such poor control of his hinds. I need use a device for him to make the trains move. I have the power supply that came with the set. Its a standard single 0 to 10 dial. I need to some how convert the dial control into a button. To activate to train into motion.

    I have a few potential options.

    I can use a device like the one below. I plug the trains power source into, and then plug a switch into it. The switch is then acting as the dial.
    Below is an image of the type of switch and a type of relay system that I have now to work with. But im worried about damaging the motor of the engine train.

    This is a type of switch that might be used. It plugs in to the device below it.

    This is the device I will have pluged into the wall socket.
    From this device below I would then plug the power supply.

    When my son press's the button it opens the circut.

    But the problem im faceing is. How can I make a control, that will allow him to press or hold down that will slowly bring the train up to speed? I know I cant just leave the power supply set at say 3? So every time he hit the switch the train will move. Or can I with out running the risk of cooking the motor on the train?

    Im am hopping this thread terns into a large discussion.
    If anyone has any ideas? Or question about what im trying to do or say? Please unleash your thoughts. I have 24 days until xmas to have this figured out.
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