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Thread: Making your own molds for casting

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    Default Making your own molds for casting

    Hi guys, im looking for tips on making molds and such.

    I was thinking of making some molds for bridges (bridge piers, bridge abutments, and the actual bridge themselves) modeling some modern highway bridges. I know there is stuff like it out there, but there plastic and from what i have found, most of them are not that modern, and only 2 lane bridges (BLMA Modern Concrete Bridge is the only thing moderately close to a nice looking concrete bridge for the modern era for highway traffic in my opinion)

    Can anyone point me in a direction on how to cast your own parts? I was thinking of using Hydrocoal to cast parts out of. Yes? No? What would you guys suggest would be good to cast good pieces? I might also try the Anchor Bolt Cement (although the parts may get a little heavy but will be more stronger and durable i think)

    Is there any casting tools that i should get to help?

    I was also thinking of making the molds from styrene, and making a couple master molds for a couple different style bridges i see on the highways around here. Ay suggestions on other materials to cast parts with or to use to make molds?

    Thanks in advance for any help guys, i appreciate it alot
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    Hydrocal should work, and be lighter then the cement.

    Otherwise, resin works too.

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    resin casting can get very expensive. Thats my tip.

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    How large of a production run are you thinking of making? If you're talking one or two, you'd be better of scratch building each one.

    I use Alumilite's epoxy stuff for making molds and resin casts. It works well, but is a bit costly. Rather than resin, for pieces that won't be handled (like scenery), sometimes I use a mix of plaster with white glue and black paint added in place of most of the water you'd normally add.

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    To make the molds, the better half found this product at our local craft shop. I don't have a container here and my old brain can't remember what it is called. It is vinyl-like and pliable when cured. I found rocks with character, my term for unique, collected them and used them form the impression of my molds. I use HydroCal for the pieces on the layout. Washes for finish. And an airbrush for highlights.
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    I think your thinking of latex rubber. Woodland Scenics makes some but you could get another brand at the craft store cheaper but its to late to look for a better link =).

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    I found this web site awhile back, but I've never tried any mold making.

    Maybe it will be helpful.

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    Default HO Molds only

    Ok,I'll throw my question up in the air.
    Doe's anybody know of any mold suppliers just for model railroading,not just rock molds,but other items,such as figures,statues,building parts.
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    woodlands scenics has nice rock molds of all diffrent kinds found in the east or west coasts. Small and large. I cast them out of plaster of pairis as they dry in about 15 mins
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    Also Bragdon Enterprises

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