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Thread: electrical pickup trucks for ho tenders.

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    Red face electrical pickup trucks for ho tenders.

    Another thing to throw out there and maybe get some ideas. Most ho scale steam engines do not seem to have really good electrical picups on the tenders. Does anyone have any ideas to improve the pickup of electrical power over the conventional spring copper strips riding on the wheel axel.

    I have several dummy engines and tenders that have this set up and all of them seem to loose power to the sound decoders during operation. Does anyone make a truck similar to the E.O.T. lights that are very expensive? I have looked around but so far no luck. I am open for ideas and would appreciate any input on this problem. Thanks Jack (jscw1)

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    I use KD centering springs for wheel wipers:



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    Harold's solution is perfect. Cheap and easy to make. You just have to be careful to adjust the spring portions so they don't add too much drag to the wheels.
    Regards, Jim
    HO Scale Modeler

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