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Thread: 628-0013 Rix Switch Stand

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    Smile 628-0013 Rix Switch Stand

    Does anyone have pics of the 628-0013 Rix Switch Stand? And also how well does it work? I have 1 caboose industries groundthrow that works pretty good and then I discovered this one and from the packaging I have seen online it looks like it might look better. Thanks in advance.
    Please ignore any extra t's. That key is a little touchy.

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    I found this picture on

    I am shocked that there are so many web sites selling this product, yet most of them have no photo, and the two I found that did had a low quality, dark picture.

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    That looks like what I have seen, a picture of the a full size one. I even went to the rix website and they don't even have a photo for it. I may just end up ordering one and try it out. And yes I have found who knows how many online places selling them with no picture of the completed kit.
    Please ignore any extra t's. That key is a little touchy.

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    Aarons - did you get your Rix throws? I'm seeking a ground throw that is actuated from the points throw bar (using Tortoise machines). I've had the Caboose operating ground throws but converted to the Tort. Anyone else have any actuated ground throws either high or low stand?

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    Hi Jon: These are Details West switch stands. They come as dummies, but can be made to operate.

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    Thanks, Grampys, I'll check into these.
    Great shot!! I am amazed and inspired by your attention to the subtle details. The puddle in the road makes it very believable.

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    No I havent ordered them yet. I havent had much time to mess with my railroad lately. I do have caboose industries which works good but is a little to large to my likeing. I just figured at least one of us on here would have one and maybe a picture of teh actual stand.

    Those details west stands look neat. To bad they are non operating.
    Please ignore any extra t's. That key is a little touchy.

  8. Default Background building

    Great shot gramps. I would like to hijack this thread for a moment. Gramps I was looking to do some building like you have in the background. Did you make them yourself?


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    Hi George: They are a combination of photos and back round buildings. The photos are Realistic Backrounds, Walthers , some I picked up at a hobby shop in St Catherines, Ont. with the sky cut off and mounted to foam board. The back round buildings are from Walthers.

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    DJ, I hope our originator will forgive this aside, but I think this is your best photo yet. Quite spectacular.

    Sorry to intrude.


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