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Hey just saw the pic of your yellow Walthers switcher, beautiful!
All my switchers for the paper mill are yellow.
I'd love to see pics of your Carrgil plant!
Hi Bob, now that everybody's post count has been zero'ed out, I would like to have my username changed in a manner like you did with 'WJLI26', now known as 'Boris'. I haven't done any CSX modeling for over 5 years, and I think it's time I adopt a moniker that is more roadname-neutral: IronBeltKen. Could you please walk me thru the name-change process like you did with Joe? ...Thanks
The process is simple, and you don't lose any of your old content. All you need to do is tell me you're ready to switch over. When I change it, you'll have to log in with the new name.
Also, your post count is still there (5k+) it's just the silly "new member" thing that's confused.
Thanks Bob, that was totally painless!
Would I be able to go back to my old forum name (that I use consistently on several other forums), and still have my older postings follow me?
I use to be 'railandsail' on this forum, like I still use on several others,...rather than 'beiland'

It would just be more consistent for me to use the same across the spectrum.
Hi Bruce -

I just noticed that you sent me a message last September! I apologize for failing to respond sooner.

I developed my track plan as an N-scale version of John Allen's famous HO Gorre & Daphetid RR. I was not aware of the Hakuhodo Branch.

I wanted my railroad to be lightweight, which is why I used extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam with 1x4 and 1x3 benchwork. I have no regrets. XPS is very easy to work with and has proven to be sturdy and stable. I used various thicknesses of XPS, from 1/4 inch for retaining walls and abutments, to 3/4-inch for the baseboard and "cookie cutter" sub-roadbed, to 2-inch for the risers.

Once the layout is finished and scenicked, there is no way to tell if it is made with traditional hardshell techniques or with foam until you need to move the layout -- then you know it utilizes a lightweight construction technique.

My response is probably too late to be of any use to you. Whatever you decided, I hope it is working out for you.

- Jeff

Let me know if you cannot find any of the 3M 950's.

I can send you a box to get you started.

Do you still have the NCE power cab? If so, price, shipped to Casa Grande , AZ please. Can I PayPal you but you don't send the package until October 12th? We are leaving this Saturday for a two week trip.
Thanks, and a good day.
Hi, In browsing the internet I see that back in 2012 you started on a variation of the Hakuhodo Branch, which I plan on using as a basis for my layout, and I was intrigued by the idea of using foam board to form the risers for your layout. Did you encounter any problems during construction or afterwards?
Also, after running on the layout, did it work out well and make for interesting operating sessions? Finally, is there anything you would have changed?

After many, many years away from the hobby, I'm committing myself to a 36 x 80 board, N scale DCC set up.

Bruce Monte Sr
Casa Grande, AZ
Chet, Thanks for the invite. Tom
Hi, sorry for being late to see this. And, thanks for your kind compliment. The tree trunk you see is nothing more than a twig taken from a mature sage bush. They grow all over the western USA and in Alberta and British Columbia. I harvested mine in January of 2009 in the central interior of British Columbia.
Selector, I was looking at one of your pictures you posted for the 2009 Holiday Special titled "In the Bleak Midwinter" and it showed a locomotive exiting a tunnel portal with a barren tree to the right and I have to ask...where did you get that tree trunk? It looks incredible!
Good Evening from Montana,

I'm brand new to this forum and got here by finding a link to your 1800s Flat Car build which is exactly what I'm looking to do. If you have any plans with dimensional scale lumber (or from the prototype) information I'd be very interested.
Thank you,
Art, have not seen you posting in years, hope you are well and still enjoying model railroading. I have always enjoyed your layout pictures.

Joe Baldwin
Hi I dont know how old you are but I think its great you are interested in model railroading dont get discoureged buying trains and accesories is an expensive propasition these days. One way to get stuff is to let people know what you are interested in so when they buy you things for your birthday or Christmas you will get what you really want. Hope you stick with it it is a great hobby. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to