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Unfortunately Mark passed away 2 January 2017. He is greatly missed, he was a good friend and fellow modeler. Be at peace Big Guy
Message from KEN: Sherrel,
I can't post on the forum.
I recently changed my email address on my forum account. I get a window that says I need to resend a confirmation message to my email address. When I click on the "send email" link, I don't get a confirmation email.
Can you help get this straightened out?
BOB - I received this from Ken Meade (D&J Railroad) this morning. His "NEW" Email that he is trying to set up on the Forum won't work. I have tried to contact Terry (no answer). Either I am the dumbest person in the world, but I cannot find how to correct his "NEW" Email address to:
Sending this to Willis as well?
Thanks, Sherrel
Message to follow:
I do admire beauty, but I have enough experience that I am not in awe of it. Beautiful women are human, you might be surprised by the number of beautiful women that have told me 'not many men ask me out"
I have the Kiowa Jct. kit from Campbell, however the walls are painted, and a few of the pieces of wood have been cut. I'd say everything is there, including the instructions. The front wall, I cut out a door way, as I wanted to modify the kit, however it isn't built up. I had intended to use in on my layout, however just haven't had the time to put it together since I got it in the late 80's or 90's. Let me know
RabMan, If you need any information on Traincontroller you can talk to FCWILT here on the forum. He is great with it.
He can help you with the electronics end also.
RabMan, If you want to go computerized on your railroad I have TrainController and 2 DCS100 with 5 apm power supply.
If interested drop me an email.

Good prices on this stuff.
Justin, I finally got the box to the USPS. Tracking number is 9505 5152 3277 8173 2524 18. Chances are by the time the tracking shows any progress it will be in your hands. Drop me a note when it shows up.
Will do.
I received your package. The misses loves it as does my daughter. Thank you so much. We do greatly appreciate it.
Justin, the COHS sent the items to me even though I put your address in the Send To block. I will get it mailed as soon as I can.
Lol gotta love it when that happens. Sorry it took me a few days to reply. No rush on them send them when you can.
Don't but the pick Engineer Kit. It is on the way to your daughter. You will learn, buy for one better buy for both.
Oh! Well ok then! I greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much. She will love it.
You don't have to do that. But I'll gladly accept it as anything is greatly appreciated. I'll end up on there myself soon doing some shopping. My address:
Justin Deskins
1 Frankie Lane #3
Elkview, WV 25071
Thank you so much.
Nice work on your structures. Your new room is well on its way for a new layout. Thanks for sharing.

Hey just saw the pic of your yellow Walthers switcher, beautiful!
All my switchers for the paper mill are yellow.
I'd love to see pics of your Carrgil plant!
Hi Bob, now that everybody's post count has been zero'ed out, I would like to have my username changed in a manner like you did with 'WJLI26', now known as 'Boris'. I haven't done any CSX modeling for over 5 years, and I think it's time I adopt a moniker that is more roadname-neutral: IronBeltKen. Could you please walk me thru the name-change process like you did with Joe? ...Thanks
The process is simple, and you don't lose any of your old content. All you need to do is tell me you're ready to switch over. When I change it, you'll have to log in with the new name.
Also, your post count is still there (5k+) it's just the silly "new member" thing that's confused.
Thanks Bob, that was totally painless!
Would I be able to go back to my old forum name (that I use consistently on several other forums), and still have my older postings follow me?
I use to be 'railandsail' on this forum, like I still use on several others,...rather than 'beiland'

It would just be more consistent for me to use the same across the spectrum.
Hi Bruce -

I just noticed that you sent me a message last September! I apologize for failing to respond sooner.

I developed my track plan as an N-scale version of John Allen's famous HO Gorre & Daphetid RR. I was not aware of the Hakuhodo Branch.

I wanted my railroad to be lightweight, which is why I used extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam with 1x4 and 1x3 benchwork. I have no regrets. XPS is very easy to work with and has proven to be sturdy and stable. I used various thicknesses of XPS, from 1/4 inch for retaining walls and abutments, to 3/4-inch for the baseboard and "cookie cutter" sub-roadbed, to 2-inch for the risers.

Once the layout is finished and scenicked, there is no way to tell if it is made with traditional hardshell techniques or with foam until you need to move the layout -- then you know it utilizes a lightweight construction technique.

My response is probably too late to be of any use to you. Whatever you decided, I hope it is working out for you.

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