Woodland Scenic's Starter Grass Applicator

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Section Hand
I like the looks of the work that IronBeltKen did with the static grass growing between the rail. I have two areas that the static grass would work. I was amazed at the prices of the grass applicators, but saw the Woodland's Scenic Starter kit for under $15.00 intead of the higher priced units.

Has any one used the Woodland Scenic's Grass Starter Kit? How were the results?





Burlington Bob

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Greg- I bought a starter grass kit at Lowe's last spring, but it didn't come with fertilizer.:rolleyes:

Seriously, that kit comes with a shaker for applying the grass. I think it basically resembles a giant salt shaker. Here is a link to some info about it on Youtube. Be forewarned, I haven't watched this, I just searched Youtube to see if there was anything on there about it.

I built a battery powered applicator from a Harbor Freight electric flyswatter. There are plans all over the internet, including Youtube. I can't tell you how well it works, I'm still waiting for my chance to use it. It's pretty cheap and easy to make so, it would probably be worth you taking a chance on it.


Lazy Daydreamer
Greg - I just watched the video at the link that Bob posted, and I was not too impressed with the results he got. You really need a good, robust static charge between the applicator and the target surface if you want the fibers to fall vertically and stay upright after they fall.

I used the Noch GrasMaster 2.0 with the optional funnel attachment (not sure exactly what they call it?) so that I could focus more precisely where the grass fell. The newer version of the Noch applicator produces a 20K-volt static charge [when a fresh battery is used], which is strong enough to pull the grass fibers upward at 7-8" above the target surface. Their original version only produced 15K volts, not strong enough to work with the funnel. So if you're planning to build your own applicator, make sure it produces at least a 20KV charge.

You don't really need the funnel attachment if you're applying grass that's all the same color (or mixture of colors), as long as you have a small cordless vacuum cleaner, with a piece of womens' panty hose inserted to use as a filter to trap and reclaim the stray fibers.

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