Wiring a Helix for DCC

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I've seen a few references that suggest it is NOT necessary to run the bus-lines along the track route in a spiral helix, but rather just run the track feeders lines down one of the vertical legs (post) to the bus wires at the bottom. I thought this was a good idea.

My question is how many of these vertical connections should be made?

My helix is a double track affair with radii of 32.5” and 29.5”. I have plans to stagger the rail joints, and to solder all the rail joints,...code 100 Atlas rail.

Considering this sort of relatively small radius/circumference, I'm thinking I need only one feeder set of wires for each elevation/loop of the helix. And perhaps these feeders wires might be sized a bit larger than normal??

Iron Horseman

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I think you are right.

Here is a photo of one of my friends layouts. Notice the CAT-5 feeders in the center below. I believe these raise up 24" or so from the 16 gauge bus. Here there are two feeds per loop, 180 degrees apart. Radii are a bit bigger. I believe they are 36" and 34". Also notice there are separate feeders for the inside and outside loops. So smaller radii and make the leads a bit heavier should work.


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