Winterquarters/Car Shops for circus and showtrains

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We have a lot of equipment to get on and off the flat cars now, how are we going to do that? With a set of "runs" of course. The circus could use saw horses and planks, so the next release was #93-1375, the Circus Run Kit.
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Walthers came right back with another concession set, #933-1376, Concession Wagons 2. Everything just the same except the decal set was for Ice Cream, Roasted Peanuts, Hamburgers, and Lemonade.
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The circus had to seat people to watch the show, they had these seat wagons ( bleachers ) to accomplish that. Walthers presented #933-1377, the Seat Wagon. Another on I've had a harder time finding.
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It always amazes me the amount of stuff that the circus traveled with, and unpacked and packed everyday ( night ), and then drug it all to the next town! I'll bet Johnny has a story or two to tell.
The circus has baggage wagons, trunk wagons, canvas wagons, chair wagons, wardrobe wagons, and I'm sure many more. Since storage is so important for the circus, Walthers introduced the storage van, #933-1378. Solid resin casting with a new decal set with new players represented, Royal American Shows, World of Mirth Shows, and Cetlin & Wilson Shows. Cole Bros Circus, Strates Shows and RB&BB Combined Shows were also included.
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