Will be off line for awhile...

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For the past 4 hours I have been watching an unconstrained forest fire about 3/4 of a mile to a 1 mile from my home. The winds are strong and gusting making the fires path difficult to predict. It is currently in some fairly steep and inaccessible, to fire departments. terrain.

Currently, there are 8 or 10 Fire departments in location with a further 5 or 6 on standby on the opposite side of the hills.

I live in a fairly steep valley that acts as a wind tunnel for any wind; as such, my concerns are for my home and family, and the possibility of the fire turning with the wind. Any change of wind direction "could" put us in a slightly worry some situation.


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Wow, sorry to hear that you're in such a risky situation. Best of luck, hope they get it under control soon!


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Thank you everyone for your support, both myself and my wife sincerely appreciate it, oh and our parrot says thank you as well.

Fortunately the fire, that effectively had two fronts, steered away from the town and headed in an easterly direction down the valley and a N to ENE back up the valley. My understanding is it was "cut off" at an old dirt road that acted more or less as a small fire break to the east and allowed the firey's to halt it's progress in that direction. All that could be done with the other direction of travel was to wait and see what was going to happen.

As of an hour ago I could still see spot burning on the western side of the hill (the town side) where it originated; although it appeared to be "back burning" itself and that now seems to be out.

All in all, we were fortunate that the wind stopped around 8:00 pm and are now waiting the arrival of thunder storms sometime in the next hour or so. As much of the area was inaccessible, we are relying on those storms to "blacken" the area out, thereby preventing any possibility of it re igniting in tomorrows temps.

That's not good, if they say to go, do so.
Toot'n, I know exactly what you mean, I fought the Ash Wednesday Fires in 1983 in Victoria as a member of the Victorian CFA, so I know when "they say go" you DON'T argue.

Once again guys, thank you for your thoughts and can (fairly) confidently say that all is well, with no known loss of property or injuries.


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Glad you're all right Tony!
I was a fire fighter for the railways out in British Columbia for a while and I know how unpredictable fire can be in hills and winds, scary stuff!


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Glad it worked out well for you. We had a very bad fire season last year, one of the worst ever. Being in town, our area wasn’t threatened but we had smoke and even ash fall for weeks.


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All the best Tony, do what you have to do, but if it turns bad get your family andyourself out of there, life is precious, all else can be replaced over time. Take care be safe


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Thanks guys and yep, all is well. Rangers "sat with it" all last night and just let it burn itself out. This afternoon, we finally got the thunderstorms so there is no chance of it reigniting.

So, time to get back to business I guess :)


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Damn Tony. I've been offline for a few. When I read the first post I got worried for you. Glad to hear all is well, fire is a beast and when she's hungry, there's no stopping her until all is consumed.


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Tony, I too have been following this thread and am greatly relieved that your property was spared! I hope the investigators can figure out exactly what [or who?] caused this thing to flare up...

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