Who makes the best model diesel locomotives?

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I also ordered my Bachmann Alco S-4 like the one in the link about 5-7 years ago. I've never understood why Bachmann doesn't offer these locos in either DC or DCC and sound, since as Greg states removing the shell is easy, just remove the coupler boxes and lift off the shell. I got to thinking why not buy one of the DCC & Sound Value S-4s and swap the body, ending up with a nice Northern Pacific Sound Value S-4! So I purchased a Milwaukee Road S-4 with DCC & Sound, swapped shells and sold the older DC model with the Milwaukee Road shell on Ebay. I didn't quite get the price of the DC version of the Northern Pacific S-4; but, it wasn't to bad. I have run the heck out of my model and it did develop some problems, returned to Bachmann for repairs and supposedly it's on its' way back to me now! The problem was the wheels became loose on the axles!

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