Who all loves Traction, be it city trolleys or country Interurbans

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I finaly managed to let my traction bug out of the closet. After a few false starts with poor running cheapo brass trolleys which were noisy or hard to repower. I scored this beautiful E. Suydam, 62' Niles wood coach. This old import runs nearly silent, even with the old open frame motor. I do plan to put a NWSL can motor and flywheel in eventually. If I am unable to put poles up on my exhisting layout due to being 2" thick pink foam construction. I have a small portable layout in storage that is stripped bare of anything right now that will work. Mike the Aspie


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Beautiful trolley. I have always had interest in them but even though I am an old fart, I have no first have experience with them, but have seen them running in Philadelphia. The closest would be the South Shore Line across northern Indiana. I have view numerous videos on YouTube about trolleys and enjoy them a lot.
One of my earliest train rides was on the old North Shore car that the Indiana Transportation Museum used to have running down in Noblesville. Its a shame that cities like Indianapolis would rather have more diesel or CNG buses and not start investing in light rail. Seens everywhere that does make that investment, I know its substantial, are seeing plenty of riders.
I bought a scratchbuilt Doodlebug a few years back. It was one of those "I wonder how I can justify putting it on my layout?" moments. What helped is that it's in a cargo configuration as opposed to configured for passengers. I figure it'd be well suited for resupply of ski camps in the mountains of Vermont. It's a stretch, but it's my layout and I'll do as I please! :cool:

When I switched to DCC, it seemed like the ideal candidate. Long story short, the motor didn't cooperate, so I'm in the middle of installing one that is more compatible with DCC.

To add fuel to my Doodlebug fire, I rode the old L,O&S Doodlebug at Strasburg last winter.
Riding one definately adds lots of fuel to the fire! If my old Suydam didn't run well, it would get one of the NWSL Stanton underfloor drive units swapped in. This would allow a full interior. But that would have to be mostly scratch built and that really isnt my forte. I just like that it looks beautiful and runs just as well. I could almost sell/trade off my logging/Sierra RR steamers for more traction. But my 2 CB&Q diesels would stay, just to pretty! Mike the Aspie


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Great looking model. I visit the East Troy Trolley museum in southeast Wisconsin. They offer a trolley ride to and back to a local landmark. The rail line is also an operating rail line and switches local freights.

As a kid I rode the North Shore Line from Milwaukee to Chicago many times with my parents. Milwaukee had a well developed street car line and one memorable wooden trussel over the Menomonee River Industrial Valley by 27th Street. The wooden structure would rock n' roll whenever a trolley ran on the rails. Brave souls would walk across the bridge,to get arrested when they reached the other side.

I have a Walthers SOO doodle bug and a undecorated Bachmann.

SOO Doodle Bug.gif


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Hello Guys

Well, I model New York City streetcars (trolleys) in O-Scale - but NY City has not had trolleys since mid-April 1957 -- the sole Queensboro (aka 59th Street) bridge Trolley route between 2nd Ave., Manhattan and Queensboro Plaza on the other (eastern) side of the bridge. The last Brooklyn trolleys ran until I think. Oct. 1956. That's a lifetime ago almost !

Anyway, I grew up in NY in mid 1940's thru late 1969 but have been a Pennsylvania resident since late 1969 to present and I do model Philly area trolleys also.

Here are some of my more recent photos on my Layout consisting of a modeled scale operating replica of a NYC Transit EL line and trolleys under the overhead "EL" line system. Most everything seen in the photos I hand made, scratchbuilt, kitbased except, of course, the automobiles & trucks and people figures !









I rode the Bronx and Yonkers Trolleys (ending in 1950 and 1952) respectively when I was young, and the Brooklyn (and Q-Boro bridge) Trolleys when I was a even older. Of course, in Philly I rode and photographed the trolley systems there since 1968.

I will post a few of my O-Scale Philly Trolleys in another message later, if there is any interest !

Here are photo albums with my model trolleys arranged by Company/System name

Photo Album - My O-Scale Third Avenue Railway System trolleys

Photo Album - My O Scale Brooklyn trolleys

Photo Album - My O-Scale Philadelphia Trolleys

Regards - Joe F
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Mike the Aspie: That is a really beautiful model. I have no trolleys, but have always had an interest in them.
The OERM at Perris, just north of me here, has quite a few that have been beautifully restored that they operate.

JOE F ... Your models there are Outstanding Works Of Art!
Hello Mike

Glad you like them --- its a LOT of work and skill and time-effort to create all of that ! The OERM -- I have seen many photos of that great traction Museum --I think OERM is the one which has the 2 ex-Manhattan EL Gate cars restored (but with roof pantographs needed for trolley wire operation) -- but the interiors are beautiful. WE SHOULD HAVE THOSE 2 CARS back IN THE NEW YORK REGION AREA, HEH ! Like at the Branford (Shoreline) Trolley Museum, Connecticut !

Here below are some of my models of that class of 6-4-6- window style EL car of the ones out in California


Regards - Joe F
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Hello again Tootnkumin

Well, you have one point there --- but I do NEED to clean the track rails periodically -- both trolley track and elevated tracks. Using a solvent cleaner and small throw away rag or strong tissue on the EL tracks and yard tracks --- for the trolley track I use a diesel locomotive towing two gondola cars loaded to their brims with many years (heh) of saved dead AA and AAA small batteries (for a LOT of weight) rolling on trucks with scale steel wheels -- and a few trailing steel wheeled boxcars.-- running around many times which serves to clean the rails of any oxidation film

ANOTHER problem, not much of one, but on rare occasions, I have to vacume clean the underside of the EL structure (quite tedious) after a few months to remove a few tiny micro spider webs and their hosts --- these spiders are smaller than fleas -- but I do that so these don't accidentally show up in photos --- or get made larger if ignored. Other than that -- no problem,

For that I use a micro tubes and brush vac attachment (available in hobby & craft store) which fits on the end of a regular vac hose with adapter coupling. The long "snout" tube is great for getting into tiny areas ---as are the very tiny brush fittings. See photo embedded into text below;

Lastly -- I use an old telescoping telescoping feathers small dusting brush --see photo attached in text -- to dust my buildings, sidewalks, stations, whatever. these feathers more the dust, grit but do no disturb details


BOTH are handy tools to have for cleaning. These tips may be useful for other viewers here

regards - Joe F
NICE...PERFECT...a great collection of trolleys. As a child I remember riding the trolleys along North Avenue in Milwaukee. But, there was a trestle bridge, the 26th street trolley viaduct, which was questionable in strength and construction, that the trolleys slowly rolled across.

Kids used to walk across the viaduct, not me.


Milwaukee just installed street car rails in the streets and will start a street car service later in the year. Limited route. Lots of people opposed to the idea. Fix the roads first.

Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.


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