What is the Name of Your Model Railroad?

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The name of my model railroad is the Chicago, Milwaukee and Northern Railroad. The railroad started to be known as the Milwaukee Northern Railroad, but soon changed its name to the Chicago, Milwaukee & Northern Railroad after gaining trackage rights to areas just north of Chicago. The addition of “Chicago” to its name provided the impression that the railroad was greater in size rather than being just a small regional railroad. The layout is set in Wisconsin with a general time period of the 1970's to the early 1990's.

One may see locomotives from the Milwaukee, SOO, C&NW, DM&IR and the locomotives "Patched" for the CM&N. Rolling stock is a mixture but an emphasis on ore hauling and some coal.

I seldom see any references to layout names in the Forum except for several of the frequent contributors.

What is the name of your model railroad, what time period do you operate in and what is the general local modeled on your layout?




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(Shamelessly 'copy and pasted' from my build thread)

The Union Pacific Soggy Bottoms Division is a protolanced line of the UP. Soggy Bottoms, Ne. is located on the Nebraska-Northern Colorado border, just up the line from the Denver-Cheyenne split. It is so named for the wetlands located about 5 miles outside of town. The town motto is "Welcome to Soggy Bottoms! We Luv to Pamper People!"
The town is a stopover and and division point for passenger and freight traffic. It is also a termination point for the Soggy Bottoms-Alliance local passenger train. There is a lot of traffic on this line, both passenger and freight. Ranchers from northern Colorado and western Nebraska ship a lot of livestock across these rails as well. The veranda turbines make regular non-stops from Ogden to Council Bluffs (gotta love those 22000 gallon bunker C fuel oil tenders!).
The town is known to be located in the middle of a space/time vortex, though, so periodically a modern diesel has been known to show up to startle the local populace.
The time frame is the somewhere sorta kinda halfway close to the mid-50's, give or take 5 years. (Except for when that space/time vortex acts up.)
Most of the work is still done by steam but the growlers are beginning to make their presence known as well. Eventually, North Platte and Denver will take over most of Soggy Bottoms responsibilities, but those days are still in the future. For now, the town is prosperous and thriving.


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The "Some toys in my basement" railroad according to the wife...I don't really have a name but model transition on the Great Northern.

While the GN was never where I'm currently at, the Frisco, ATSF, Rock Island and Missouri Pacific were all in the area at one time.

D&J RailRoad

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The D&J Railroad is a small, 6 1/2 scale mile division serving 14 industries in the county of King George, VA. Remarkedly, this section of Virginia has a striking similarity to the great southwestern United States topography. The division is serviced by motive power from the UP, SP, SF, BNSF and leased power from the NS. Primary industries are coal and intermodal loading. The coal facility can handle over 200 car loads a day while the intermodal facility transitions over 300 containers and vans from road to rail a day. The D&J Railroad is in the upper levels of the stark terrain requiring helper service from the outside world, known as the staging yard. A large classification yard handles the sorting job of making up local trains for the counties commerce and a fully functional signal system keeps trains moving without collisions.


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Copy/Pasted from my Blog About page:

The Blackwing and Western is an HO scale model railroad based on a fictional branch of the Great Northern Railway. The town of Blackwing is located in Mid-Eastern Montana and has several small industries serviced by the Great Northern.

The time period is somewhere around 1958 give or take a few years and the Great Northern is still running steam with the addition of some early diesel power.


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Wilmington & Northern Branch because I'm modeling the Wilmington & Northern Branch of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad.

A previous layout was a combination of the Cattasauga & Fogelsville Branch of the Reading and the area around Conshohocken, PA, I called it the Cattahocken Branch. I learned a valuable lesson. Never pick a layout name that sounds like your pet throwing up.
I took Model Railroaders Turtle Creek Central decals and modified them to Turtle Creek Timber Co. Their slogan, "Route of the Dashing Turtle" fits the way geared logging power sounds. A Shay/Climax/Heisler sounds like its going nearly 100mph, but then passes you going around 15mph tops, leading a long line skeleton log cars loaded with freshly cut logs. Mike the Aspie


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My HOn3 layout is named the M - K & E.
Minturn, Kings Divide and Eastern.
Mostly just because m & k are the first initials of me and the missus.
It's a freelanced Colorado narrow gauge line that connected to Minturn Co...


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Lake Winnifred Subdivision of the Burlington Northern, loosely set in 1984 (very loosely)
So called because I live on Lake Winnipeg, my Nana's name was Winnifred, and the BN is such a sexy railroad!
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My layout, Cheshire Rail, is a fictional pike based on the real-life Cheshire Railroad, which once served parts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The original Cheshire Railroad was chartered in 1844. It merged into the Fitchburg Railroad in 1890, becoming the Cheshire Branch. In the real world, the New Hampshire and Vermont portions of the line were abandoned in 1970, while the Massachusetts section persisted until 1984.

I’m modeling a small portion of the Cheshire Branch that served the Troy and Keene, New Hampshire, area. I lived in Troy for many years, hence my interest in the area. I’m departing from reality by assuming that the Cheshire Branch was still carrying freight into the 1970’s and calling itself Cheshire Rail, known locally as “The C.R.”

In my scenario, the C.R. remains a part of the B&M/Guilford system — and interchanges with it — so you'll see plenty of B&M rolling stock and motive power on the C.R.

- Jeff

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