What are your current projects?

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Thanks Olie. The blue I chose was CSX Blue. It looks much better in real life though. I'm going to have to photograph them outside in "natural light" one of these days when the weather is a bit more accommodating.


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Where is a link to your layout,..size, photos?
No specific link, but I do post many in progress pictures over in the Coffee Shop. Mostly structures and parts of scenes as nothing is complete enough to warrant a thread yet. Train shed is a 20' x 32' dedicated building out in the yard.



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This photo shows where the leads for my Digitrax Power Xtender were placed on my Bachmann 2-6-0 DCC Sound Value locomotive. Note that the Digitrax Power Xtender's wire leads are Solid Black and Solid Red in color. I had no trouble soldering the black lead where the black wire is shown in the photo and the blue wire in the photo is red on my installation. Anyone interested in installing a Current Keeper, Keep Alive, Power Xtender; or, other, should know it was actually a pretty easy installation.
Power Xtender (Small).JPG


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I'm working on installing some NJ International 'gantry" type crossing signals at a grade crossing in an industrial switching district. What makes it tricky is that the tracks split into a wye just to the left of the crossing, and there are frequently deadhead (loco-only) moves of the mill switcher. This requires that I put in 5 pairs of across-the-track infra-red sensors (trip beams indicated by yellow lines):


Last weekend I got the gantries mounted and connected to the flasher module, and tested them using a 9-volt battery:


This weekend I'm installing the sensors and their circuits (24+ wires), and will connect the detection circuit board to the flash module once that task is completed.


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Still working on the Woodland Scenics street lights. Got the main street lights hooked u[p but wouldn't you know that the leads for the LED's for interior lighting are too short to reach the hub.

looks like I'll have to splice some itty bitty wires because they will have to be connected to the hub because they are far too bright and need to be turned down.


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