Weekly photo fun 9-20 thru 9-26

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Fred's Loco Shop Foreman

Rowe Yard is back in service! Track 1 capacity: 14 cars (seen here with 13 and an RSD-15- the longest train on the DA&K sub to date...) Track 2: 10, Track 3: 9

The track-laying train has been expanded with 2 more cars for hauling off the "junk" (bent nails, busted rail joiners, scrap rail, and old ties) Also added for the photos was my "custom" MOW car featuring a generator to power the crane and cherry picker.

AAAANNNDDDD... we're done with track work right? NOPE! noticed I lack a caboose track... so....

Here a motor-grader is clearing the area for the new caboose track... (That PRR SW-7 in the background is one of my oldest operating locomotives... got it for my 8th birthday IIRC, 1991...)


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Here's a picture of one end of the Logan Valley, a point to point layout. It shows the engine facility yard and meat packing plant. The main line comes across the bridge in the center of the photo, and moves off to the left where it goes into hidden staging tracks, and comes up again at Logan, which is the other end of the line.



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Montanan ... How about posting a couple pictures, close up, of one of your log/pole cars shown in that last photo?
They look very nice!


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Do you think that he'd be open to a set of drivers from Greenway Products? That would be my solution, because if those drivers have the disease, they will swell enough to split the tire.
He is not interested. He wants the minimum effort to get the thing back together so it can be sold. He told me both models would be sold at reduced prices with the problems identified. I would have replaced the drivers if they were mine, but Greenway's selection is spotty sometimes! No guauantee they will have what you need. :( Come to think of it now, I don't beleive the crankpin holed were drilled off plumb, it is more likely the swelling caused by the zinc pest that has pushed them out of alignment. I was thinking more of crumbling than of swelling! Here's a pic of the problem:



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Log Cars

Here's a few close up that were wanted. I believe that the first two are Walthers cars. I threw the last one in too. I have no idea who made these. I do have old timers disease. I have had these cars for years.

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Nice mix o' pics this week!
Here's a couple I just took out back of a ballast crew as they were finishing up for the evening.
Ballast cars and caboose by Athearn, spreader by Walthers, sunset by Mother Nature.


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Thanks for posting the log cars. They are very nice .. Simple, useful, and well done.
Every thing you have done is just outstanding.


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I love that turntable Montanan...
That turntable was scratchbuilt from brass, about 40 years ago, by the late Pete Ellis of Cascade, MT. There weren't many kits back then and modelers did what they had to. It is powered by an old player piano motor. Pete had his layout built in a quanset hut, and ran out of room, so beuilt an addition onto the quanset, and there was a town in the way that had to go. We both were handlaying code 70 at the time and when he offered the turntable, it was an offer I couldn't refuse.

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