Walthers Transfer Tables

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I recently had a gentleman who was looking for an HO transfer table in trade. I sent him some photos of one I had acquired from an estate sale, and reluctantly decided to not use on my new layout. I got this reply....

brian after looking at the pics I notice that the transfer table is part # 933-3131 and not 933-2968 this is the one I'm looking for

I never realized there were 2 versions. Yes I see that later version has a full width bridge that covers up the wheels that run on the individual tracks, .....and some sort of control panel.

# 933-3131

# 933-2968

I imagine the pit size had to be slightly larger due to the extra width of the traveling bridge.

And personally I wouldn't want the control panel if I were going to operate it with my DCC hand set.?

Was there really that much of a difference in these two models that would justify that much of a price difference?


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This was their later version with the wider 'bridge'

...sort of like this

Decking out over track wheels,...verses something like this...

early Walthers one....

my transfer table photoed out on a trunk of a car sitting next to my cargo trailer stowage
DSCF3700, ps600.jpg

DSCF3702, ps600.jpg
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There was a note with the item when I bought it,

"It has been modified to work on DCC. It is not recommended for DC operation.
There is a decoder in the cab that controls the motor direction and speed. There is also a light in the operators cab that is controlled by the headlight function
Connection is simply connecting the two wires to the track bus. That's it. You now control the transfer table using any DCC cab on your system. Simple select the address to 2, then use the speed and direction controls to operate the transfer table. Should you want to change the address, just connect the wires to your programming track and program like any locomotive."

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