Walthers proto GP60 with Tsunami decoder

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We probably need some more info. What have you done so far to diagnose the issue? Have you removed the shell to see if you have something binding, or the motor is locked up? I would also make sure you have not lost the connection between the motor, and the decoder. I'm sure we can help with a little more info.


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Hello Mike:
Here's the whole story:
I lost this loco a few weekends ago while running it in a consist with another GP60. {That one still works fine.} Since then I have reset the loco and it seems to have reset OK. The address is now back to 03. The sound works and the lights work and change direction appropriately.. When I throttle up and down the sound responds accordingly. I spoke with the Soundtrax guys and they seem stumped, too.
Here's a little note to complicate this situation. Later That same day I was running a Walthers Proto GP35 consist. I also lost one of those locos, too. It exhibits exactly the same symptoms as the pesky GP60. I have removed the shells, but hesitate to go into the guts much more. Does this info help?
Mark A.


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What DCC system are you using??? If its a Digitrax with a 400 Series throttle, try pressing the "Loco" button once and see if the locomotive now responds and has movement.

Are you positive the locomotive doesn't think its part of a consist?

Does the locomotive have a "Start Up" feature where the locomotive will not move until the start up sequence has been completed?

Try a factory reset of the decoder.

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I am using Digitrax and a 400 throttle. tried your suggestion of pushing loco button, but it just asks me to select a loco. I've done a reset and the loco is responding to address 03. Everything works except the movement. Any other ideas? Thx.
Mark A.


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Mark: Do other locomotive operate properly on the layout?

Its possible that the 400 throttle is in idle and will not control the locomotive as it should. Try pressing the power button and the Y/+ button. Try this for three times and then try to run the locomotive.

To tell if it is in idle mode:

The engine in the window is blinking and there are two stationary dots above A: If you are using a DT300 series or DT400 series throttle, make sure that the Track Status Indicator dot in the upper right of the display just below the right throttle knob is on solid. -from Digitrax Throttle Manual

I've also just reprogrammed the engine's address to regain control of the locomotive.

If the throttle isn't in idle, then the strongest possibility is the engine is still in a consist mode. Especially if the locomotive is responding when the address is set to 03 which is not the address used for the consist. (Responding do you mean movement?)

7.4 Controlling Functions On Consisted Locomotives
Even though an individual locomotive is part of a consist and you can’t control
its speed and direction separately from the consist, you can still control its
function outputs independently as follows:
1. Press the LOCO key and select the address of the locomotive that is a part
of consist for which you want to control functions.
2. Press the LOCO key again to select the loco address to your throttle. The
speed value will show “cn” to remind you that you can only control functions
on the loco and not its speed.
3. Use the steps described in Sections 7.0-7.3 above to turn on or off the
functions on the consisted loco.-from Digitrax's Throttle Manual

More info at: https://groups.io/g/Digitrax-Users/...,,locomotive+will+not+respond,20,2,0,13824427

Last is resort to call Digitrax's help desk. https://helpdesk.digitrax.com/

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Mark: Since the locomotive has sound the locomotive is getting power from the track, so let's look several reasons why a locomotive may have sound but no movement. Some are repeats of the above information.

- The address may have been changed.

- The locomotive is sleeping and on many brands of decoders by pressing either 3, 8 or 9 with wake up the locomotive. Check your manual.

- The locomotive has a start up sequence, check your manual and you may have to press 8 to wake up the locomotive.

- The locomotive needs to be reset to factory defaults.

- The locomotive is still in the consist mode.

- Acceleration CV is set too high and it will take sometimes for ever for a loco to start moving.

- Loose wiring terminal harness.

- Incorrect programming for address of 3, where 03 was entered instead of only 3.

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Here more info:

"If all this fails,though very remotely,you may have accidentally "locked" your Tsunami.If this is the case it won't accept any CV change,even resetting.You can have the info on "locking/unlocking" your decoder on the Soundtraxx website...Google "Soundtraxx",click on "manuals" then "diesel sound user's guide",page 10."-From Internet Site

Set CV29 to a value of 34 and see if that corrects the problem. A value of 6 is for operating only on the short address. -From Internet Site

Great News. The GP 60 AND the GP 35 are both back up and running! Always do the obvious first...reset the decoder, cleaned oiled and lubed the bearings and gears. Put back on the track and away we went. Had a lot of hours on both locos. Thanks all for the suggestions and tips. Amazing what a little oil will do.

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