Walthers Great Circus Train Accessories

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I am a resident of Australia and have been attempting to collect HO Circus wagons and other accessories from the Walthers Series. Has any complete, definitive list ever been generated? All of my models have come from eBay and I keep seeing different ones every now and then. I am wondering what is/was available and the kit numbers (release dates would be good too). There is not much information on the net apart from 'for sale' notices and as you can imagine that doesn't help me much.
Walthers Wagons

Thanks for that information. I tried that website. It is a very good resource. However, I still need information on any discontinued items and perhaps something more comprehensive.
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Thanks for the information. I managed to get a few box/model numbers and model types from a couple of eBay sellers but am still trying to make a complete list.
Walthers Great Circus Train Accessories.

Hi, circusjoe.
Thanks for the reply. That was some time ago I put up that post. Since then I have managed to collect all the Wagon kits and trucks. However a verified list to compare with the one I have generated would be invaluable. I am now endeavouring to compile lists of all the Wardie Jay and Circus Craft kits in HO (1/8 inch), O (1/4 inch)and in the case of Circus Craft also 1/2 inch scale. Once again I am making these up as I go from either buying the kits or seeing pictures on eBay.
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I also have a fairly complete list as well but Joes is probably more complete, im missing a few numbers here and there. I have been collecting the numbers the last few months now thanks to ebay auctions to potentially obtain a collection for my Walthers Great Circus Train.
Walthers, Circus Craft and Wardie Jay Lists

Hi, Joe and Chris. Posting would be great if it is not too much trouble. I might be able to figure out a way to do the same with what I have.

Walthers Great Circus Train Accessories
Cat.# Item
933-1360 Trunk Wagon

933-1361 Generator/Light Plant

933-1362 Canvas Wagon

933-1363 Ticket Wagon

933-1364 Chair Wagon

933-1365 Plank/Jack Wagon

933-1366 Wardrobe Wagon

933-1367 Hippo Cage

933-1368 Stake and Chain Wagon

933-1369 Pole Wagon

933-1370 Commissary Wagon

933-1371 Office Wagon

933-1372 CAT Tractor

933-1373 Concession Wagon #1

933-1374 Circus Sound Truck

933-1375 Circus Run Kit

933-1376 Concession Wagon #2 *Preiser

933-1377 Seat Wagon

933-1378 Storage Van

933-1379 Human Cannon Ball Truck

933-1380 Super Elephant Set

933-1381 Charging Tiger Tableau Wagon

933-1382 Gen/Baggage Wagon

933-1383 Rocket Car

933-1384 Lion's Bride Tableau Wagon

933-1385 Stake Driver

933-1386 Mother Goose Tableau Wagon

933-1387 Una-fon

933-1388 Baggage Wagon

933-1389 Equipment Wagon

764-6 Calliope Wagon

764-7 Tableau Wagon


360-232 1923 MACK Circus Truck

360-233 1921 Model T FORD Calliope Truck

360-234 Western Stage Coach

360-235 Horse Drawn Popcorn Wagon

There are 36 kits in Total...
I hope this helps. Circus Craft and Wardie Jay to follow in a day or so.
Actually. Your list is pretty good. I went through your entire list and compared it to mine and you have all the same things I have on mine too. Well, you actually had one item I didnt have on my list, I dont have any that arent on yours. So my sending or posting my list for you likely wont do you much good since they are essentially the same. I can still do it if you want.
Have you ever ordered anything from either of those vendors? I just spent over an hour surfing both websites to see what they have to offer. Some pretty good prices and Valley Model trains and an impressive selection I must say.


Fleeing from Al
Chris, I've used 1st Place Hobbies a number of times and always had good service and fast delivery. I've never used Valley Model Trains so I can't help on that one.
Circus Wagon Lists.

Hi, Guys. Here's a current list of Circus Craft Models I have compiled. I believe it isn't finished as I keep finding new kits on erBay.
# Scale Wagon

CW-1 HO 20ft Folding Seat Wagon

CW-2 HO 30ft Folding Seat Wagon

CW-3 ?

CW-4 O 30ft Folding Seat Wagon

CW-14 HO ?

CW-15 HO Dining Department/Baggage Wagon

CW-16 HO Commissary Wagon and 16/06/09?

CW-17 HO Side Show Canvas Wagon

CW-18 HO Goliath Wagon

CW-19 HO Big Top Quarter Pole Wagon

CW-20 HO Giraffe Parade Wagon

CW-22 ?

CW-23 HO Al G. Barnes Dog Wagon

CW-24 HO Hot Dog Wagon

CW-25 HO Lion Cage

CW-26 HO Giraffe Wagon

CW-27 HO Cookhouse Water/Equipment Wagon

CW-28 HO Stake Driver

Railway Cars:
CW-151 ? (O Elephant Car?)

CW-152 O 72ft Stock Car

CW-153 O 72ft Horse Car

CW-154 O 72ft Mt Vernon Flatcar

CW-155 O Warren Flat Car

CW-161 HO Elephant Railway Car

CW-162 HO Stock Car

CW-163 HO Horse Railway Car

CW-164 HO Mt Vernon Flatcar

CW-165 HO Warren Flat Car

Next time I'll post the Wardie Jay list I have compiled.
I found my Walther's list, in an old Windows 98 laptop. Took an hour to get it running...lol

In addition to what's already posted, I have Walther's numbers:

1392 McCoy Plank Wagon

1393 McCoy Chair Wagon

1394 McCoy Light Plant

I have these three, so I know they exist.

I also have listed on a wish list, Walther's number:

764-8 listed as a cage wagon, but I don't have one...

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