Using Pan Pastels....

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I ordered a set of Pan Pastels in their weathering collection. Never used the Pastels before, but used AIM and other powers for weathering.

Has any one else used Pan Pastels and how did the work for you? Any tips or suggestions on their use?


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Disclaimer: I've used other weathering powders, but not Pan Pastels.

With that said, I really like weathering powders. Until you seal them with a clear coat, you can remove and/or modify your work. You can start with a light application and add more until you achieve the look you want. A combination of airbrushing and weathering powders works for me.

- Jeff
I’ve used most commercial weathering powders, including PaPastels. Pan Pastels are excellent. Just use them like you would any other weathering powders.
I use Pan Pastels. They are are colored chalk impregnated in a (clay ?) base. They go on easily and stay where you put it. I would suggest that you get a set of application handles with removable foam pads. It makes application much easier. You can also use makeup sponge wedges, but they are a bit clumsy unless you trim them down some.
Weather as you would with chalks, then hit it with some Dullcoat or equivelant. One nice thing about their usage, is that you don't wind up with a pile of chalk on your bench under where you applied it to your model.



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I have used them. I don't care for the sponge applicators though. I prefer to brush apply them. The "deer foot" style brush is especially useful here, though other brushes work as well. I use them in conjunction with the airbrush, and oil paints to seriously weather anything, though a passable job can be done using them alone. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to