Unwanted Enlargement of Posted Photos - How to Avoid?

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Lazy Daydreamer
Hi all, can somebody share the secret to having your photos appear sharp and clear when you post them? I've obviously been doing something wrong over the past year, as any .jpg photo I post - which looks ok when viewed at its normal size in a graphical editing tool like MS-Paint - gets expanded to anywhere between 150-200% of its original dimensions, making the image look choppy and/or blurry. I was so disgusted with my most recent attempt to share an image of a model I've been working on in the Newest Additions to Locomotive Roster thread, that I wound up deleting the post (I don't want anybody's first impression of this model to be a sloppy one).

I see other photos posted here regularly that are perfectly in focus, so I know there has to be SOME way to do it. Should I use some other graphical format besides JPEG? Put additional "white space" around the image to fool the browser into thinking it's already large? Stop using my cell phone camera and go back to using my Digital Rebel? I've run out of ideas...


AKA Gomez Addams
Staff member
I'm not sure how you're doing it, but I just clicked on the little image icon at the top of the text entry field (looks like a tiny landscape image), clicked "click here", located and clicked a random photo. Nothing at all special. Maybe your computer or phone is "helping " you, by enlarging the image when publishing it.


Lazy Daydreamer
Terry, that exactly how I do it. I'm suspecting it might be because some of my images (including the one I described) are small, because I shot the subject from a distance and cropped away all the peripheral eyesores.

I'm going to try an experiment: I added white space to the photo I want to share so its horizontal boundaries completely fill the frame. This will either render the photo at its smaller size (desired outcome), or cause a horizontal scrollbar to appear along the bottom (undesirable).

Aha...that's more like it!
I've had that happen to me too if a photo is cropped they will blow it up to fill their picture size requirement. Also in MS paint go to the header and under view click the minus symbol to bring it back down to normal size. This picture has been severely cropped as opposed to the full size picture.

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