Two lost ties, Oh the horror!

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Working on the HO scale modulars for the Christmas Forest, I found I had to replace a section of track with an 18" radius "S" curve. Attempt fit, file, fit again, etc. Get all done and put it in for permanent - SNAP! I lost two ties on the one end. First ties I've lost working with flex track in decades. Sigh. I think I was trying to use too large a gauge of wire on the feeder on the bottom of the rail joiner (another configuration I don't normally use).


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Might not be the best solution Horseman but why not sand back the tops of the ties you have in the picture and just slide them beneath the rails? They wont be attached to anything, other than the roadbed, but might work for you.

In line with what Toot said - I still have a few ties from my "working days" you can have :)


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I use rail nippers to nip off the fake spike-head details, and then use a needle file to file down the spike plate detail. With those gone, the ties slide easily under the joiners.
That is why I have kept sections of old brass rail, fiber ties around all these years. Undo the brass staples holding the ties to the rails, snip off the number of ties you need and slip them under the empty spaces. Spike them, glue them or just leave them loose. Looks fine.
Hey, that's neat! I'll have to bookmark that case I run out of fiber ties and brass rail! Since those replacement ties are made of plywood, would you have to pre-drill holes for spikes?


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Hmm good question about the holes!
I'd assume you would.
Yeah bookmark for sure, he has some other pretty cool stuff and ships free!
Ties are "old hat" now mate. Not many wear them any more, So are old hats.
Oh no again, I just bought two of those too at the Hutchinson JC Pennies that was going out of business. Sorry, old hats will never go out of style.

Great. I've been looking for joint bars. Walther's has been out for over a year.

Then seriously for the ties, I've got hundreds of thousands of them in my hand laying track building supplies cabinet. I am just usually so pleased (almost proud) with my track record of not loosing any ties while laying flex track.
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