Trophy Points?

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I think it was on Thursday, January 8th, that I was informed by this Forum of my having received a Trophy! Can anyone tell me what this means? Not expecting an award of a trip to Hawaii or even an overnight at the Super 8 in Park Rapids. Just want to know of the significance, if any?


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Congratulations, you have just received a free lifetime membership to Model Railroad Forums! :) Seriously though, you received your 250th "Like", which earned you "points" or another trophy. It's something that came with the new forum software last year. It's a combination of "Likes" and number of posts. It doesn't really mean anything other than an honor among us. Place your pointer over your avatar and then click on the number under points and a box comes up that explains all of the points and why you got them. You're now tied for second place with seven others for the most points. To view the overall results and to see the two first place members, click on "Members" in the blue bar across the top of every page.
I always assumed model railroading was pointless.....unless you're English in which case a turnout is also known as a point and the only way you could have a pointless model railway is to have no switches (which in another age were used to beat you if you didn't learn your lessons.)


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On a more serious note, the point system is built into the forum software. It is intended to encourage participation. Of course any time I've seen a system like that used, you end up with people posting "nice photo" or "great job" to get their point count up and not really contributing anything.

There is one perk to the points though. If you have a trophy, your membership is half off the regular price. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to