Trip to Butte Montana!

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Chet, is the Geep in the following photo a Butte Anaconda and Pacific locomotive? If not, who is the line? I don't think it is the BAP's, as I thought they remained electric throughout their lifetime. The name on the side of the loco is unreadable, at least for me.



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Very cool about the trailer at campground, wife and I have same set up at a campground in Leland ill. Our campground doesn't have WiFi so I don't do a lot of online stuff, we don't have unlimited data.


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Everything is fine. During the summer, we have a trailer at a campgrounds on Leech Lake about 33 miles away. I have internet access there; but, don't log in so I can't respond to what is being said. We've made a short trip home now and so am reading and responding to this forum while home. We close down the trailer in October and I will be back here then. Until then, I just read; but, don't respond. I really don't model much during the Summer and this year in particular has been poor for Model Railroading for me.

Lately, it appears that few are participating at anything other than the ANPL Coffee Shop topic!
Glad to read that everything is OK. Staying at your trailer sounds neat for sure. I'm not sure that I could give up my trains for that long plus I have fifteen acres including a garden to maintain.
ANPL Coffee Shop is Facebook for us old fogies that don't do social media. Heck, I don't even own a cellphone!


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I don't have a cell phone, either. I don't want to be at the beck and call of people calling me on the phone, especially now when it has been opened up to sales calls; or, marketing!


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Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. The BAP has had a number of different paint jobs over the years. They were latteredButte Anaconsa & Pacific with yellow and blue livery.

Here's a photo of a pair of their boc cabs taken in Butte in 1958. Electrification was abandoned in 1967.


The next is a GP -9 taken under the wire in Anaconda. Not sure of the date. It is lettered for the BAP.

BA&P Rocker 06-23-1965c.JPG

In 1985 when the smelter was shut down in Anaconda, the name was changed to Rarus Railway when local investors bought the railroad and the name was changed back to Butte Anaconda & Pacific in 2007. ?????

This GP 7 photo was taken in 1973 in Butte, lettered for the BAP.

GP7 Butte.jpg

Here's a locomotive, a GP-15 in a paint jon I haven't seen taken in 2016.


Not a very large locomotive roster. Here's a video I found of their power. The BN (BNSF) occasionally uses the BAP tracks as seen the beginning of he video.

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