Train Time!

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It is a bit before 11Am, and the Royal Point crew at Wilton is getting ready for the big meet of the day, Trains # 26 & 27. The north and south bound Chicago to the Twin Cites meet here around 11, so freight and passengers are on the platform ...

Starting with Mr. Grimes, the Station Master is directing the lumpers to get the freight wagon loaded, and other stuff weighed and out by the track so it can be tossed into the express car. Arnie from the Post Office is standing by his car to pick up the incoming mail and toss the bags of outgoing inside, onto the trains. Sam is running the Lift-master to get the last barrel either onto the wagon, or just stuff it into the car when it gets here.

Over on the platform Alex the news butcher is doing brisk business as usual. Several people are seen milling about - train time in about 10 to 15 minutes, the southbound is running about 5 minutes late.

Reverse view of the same scene.

Just building the excitement on the main line in the new section.

The Aerojet
Otis C -- I expect you are talking about the pike and the trains we run. According to the backstory on the layout - this train runs from Chicago to the Twin Cites on a daily basis, like the CB & Q / C & NW / CMStP & P. Our route in thru the western Wisconsin unglaciated territory. This is the Kickapoo Valley and it's environs. Normal consist is a EMD F-7 A-B-A or similar. We have run this train with a pair of Fairbanks Morse Train Master H 24-66 as well.

Hope this answers your questions...

The Aerojet


Whiskey Merchant
Nice photos. Looks like the passenger train may be running late with all of the passengers on the platform. That passenger station is a really nice structure. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to