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I've got to sell most of my HO scale stuff. I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with the companies in the back of the "model railroader" magazine that buy whole collections? I'm trying to see if they're worth my time. Going to be selling about 100 freight cars and 15 engines. I figure ebay would take forever. Thanks for any info.
Those collection buyers are going to pay you much less than your stuff is worth because they are like dealing with a car dealer they want to make a profit. Depending on what you are selling try EBAY or HOYARDSALE at yahoo groups.


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I was trying to sell about 75 thousand dollars worth of trains for a friend a cpl. years ago & contacted about 25 people that buy trains & collections. I was appauled at what they offered me for the whole collection. It was no where's near the price of the trains.
A friend of mine put it all on EBay & only took him about 90 days to get rid of all of it.
The total price for everything at the end of the bids was about 80 thousand. So, sell it on EBay & you will probably get most of your money back. That's my 3 cents worth.


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e-bay baby! no other way to get your profit margin for what you paid for and then some in most cases. You can sell in batches of 6 cars instead of individual. I would sell the locos as individually though....

my plugged nickel's worth :)


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If you don't want to deal w/EBay, then find a friend that has a 100% selling site & let them do all the work for you & give them a good percentage.
What do you have For Sale? Give us a partial list here on the forum & your asking price.
So, the max they offered was $450

this is for 12 engines, 30 box cars, 10 flat cars, 8 tank cars, 15 gondolas, 20 covered hoppers, about 100 pieces of ez track, and three walther built ups. Had to tell em no go.

All engines have dcc, 90%or my cars have loads, and almost all are in original boxes.
I agree with most of these replies. To make the most profit your best option is to sell them yourself rather than go through a middle man. If you're looking to get rid of them fast or need the money now then you should just sell it to collection buyers. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to