This Could Be My Next Structure.....

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I was planning on scratch building a different structure this summer while I was at the cabin on rainy or chilly days. But, I found this old photo of an interesting storage building that has a history in our village.

This building was on a old farm near my residence and I drove past it everyday. Other than a few head of cattle, the farm wasn't active and sat on prime land for commercial development. Two unmarried brothers owned the farm and lived in a stone house that had a working stone out-house...the last one in the village.

This farm was one of the original homesteads in the mid-1800's.

They sold the buildings and land for several million dollars and the buildings were razed for development. I like the run down appearance of the building and the sloped roof.

Do you think this is a candidate for scratch building?


Old Storage Building on Town Hall Road.jpg
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Of course it's a candidate for scratchbuilding, Greg! If you like it, go for it!
(But you have to post pics as you build it!)
Absolutely! There was one almost identical where I live, also in WI, inside our city limits. It had a door to a haymow on the front over the sliding door and was used as a horse shed in the main part at one time judging by a couple stalls remaining inside. Most had been used more recently to store project cars during restorations. The part off to the side under the elongated slope in the building was completely enclosed (I've seen some with this lean-to open) and contained 3 rooms, 1 of them possibly for chickens as it had a small framed but covered-over area near the floor. One other looked to be a workroom.

It looked to have been in much better shape (and lacked that well-used/unused/used-up/forgotten character buildings like this need for best effect) than the one near you. I thought it would have been a great building to insulate and remodel into more than it was at the time, but it too was razed for progress as a training burn for the Fire Dept. I was pump operator and helped start one of the first training fires that morning and wish I had had more time to look the building over and get some pics as I will have to kitbash it from memory.

Have fun, and I agree. Post pics of the progress.


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I saw that a individual near me who owns a 150 year old home that he previously restored is now restoring a vintage horse barn that he uses for a garage. It's interesting how he's copied the original design of the building in his remodel.



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Greg, I like it.

By the way, the smaller building in the background (behind the tree), the corn crib, is something I copied and built two of (actual size, not scale models) back when I owned a sawmill and had an abundance of rough lumber. I was able to sell them both as a way to unload my surplus of odd ball lumber ( elm, ash, oak, aspen).

One of them we first used for several years as a garden shed.

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