Thin Wire Stripper Tool

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I been finding that when I stripped the insulation off thin wire, like that from a telephone cable, I been nicking the solid wire and which weakens the length of wire and have had a couple connections fail.

Does anyone know of a source for wire strippers that will remove the insulation of thin wire without damaging the wire? My adjustable strippers aren't working either.

I've also heard of thermo strippers, but haven't seen them in any well known supplier catalogues.




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For somewhat heavier wire 22 AWG and larger, I still use a stripper tool, being very careful not to nick the wire. For really small wires, like those attached to decoder, I find using the finger nails on my thumb and third finger seem to work pretty well! Just have to be careful not to break the nail too often! :rolleyes:


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This one works good for small wires (20AWG - 30AWG) and it's inexpensive.

I'm guessing your phone cable is 24AWG and I'm guessing you are using a wire stripper for wire larger than the cable you are stripping. What can happen when you do that is you end up putting lateral pressure on the wire to get the stripper to work and then you can damage the wire. By using the proper size you won't need lateral pressure to strip the wire. Or I could be completely wrong about your particular situation. :)

Regardless, the best way to strip any wire is to use the correct size stripper.
Mark: I do have a tool just the one you suggested, but never tried it on real thin wire. It sure works great to strip heavier size wires.



I found my wire stripper like the one you suggested and it works great for the wires I need to use a stripper to remove the insulation.

Thanks for the tip you saved me some $$$.

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