The greenbrier logging and coal co

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Me too. I lived about 12 miles from a sawmill and less than that from a couple of old logging camps. West Virginia is full of old camps or what is left of them. My layout is based on them but no one camp or site. Its loosely based around spruce wv but there were lots of different sawmills and logging camps all over the state. I love wood over the smell of coal. Just didn't like the idea of a coal layout. Glad you like it. Its been a hard layout to get right and i even gave up on it till we moved into this house. That gave me the room i needed to expand the layout from 5 foot to 8 foot. That gave me the room i needed for the spur to go up the mountain from a 5+grade to a shallow 3% grade. I wanted more housing so i added the other end extension for my town. I lived near the Greenbrier river and there was a lot of old camps along that river too. Thats how i got the name. Anyway, i will keep at it till i get it right. Thanks again. Smoke
I have been putting the layout to work so i have more progress. Cleaning up the rest of the old scenery and putting down new is no fun but i had plenty of the stuff i used before so i could match it up pretty good. I like how it came out so far. i need trees and work up on the mountains yet. trees leaning don't look to well, so that area will be next, Smoke


Family stayed in there corners of the house and i got a few things done. I bought a Atlas Shay locomotive and more trees 6-8 inches. Ballasted the main line and a good part of the logging track as well. Also i made another lake on the new section. I cleaned all the area that is ballasted and all the turnouts were working but for two and i was able to get them working quickly. Shots below, Smoke


Sorry i haven't been around but we had a death in the family so we weren't here for a week. When i got back last night i had mail!! My new Atlas Shay and my tall trees came in. I still have windows from Micron Art to receive yet. My meds from the VA and my dvd burner came in. My LG died so i put a Asus in its place. Works! Later all, I am busy getting things done from last week so later all, Smoke

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