The greenbrier logging and coal co

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Thanks! I can show some of the changes i made but still a long way to figuring out the part over by the right side. Its a mess so for right now i am working on that part. The rock wall will have to be cut down towards the front of the layout. I don't have the additional marks made here. Its a 36X92 inch layout. I think i will have to wait till i am ready to tear down the old layout to start building new. Seems i remember when i started the layout I ran into issues between the plan and actual layout. It may be easier than i think. Anyway, thats all i have for now, Dan


Well, i am on hold for a few more weeks. The place my nephew is going to has a bunch of forest fires, (Colorado),and now threat of flash flooding because there is nothing to soak up the water. So we will be waiting till mid July. I don't blame them at all. Be glad when we can move all the way in. 21 years of rv'in is, i guess is long enough for Deb. If she dies before not sure if i will hit the road again or not. Getting used to live in a stick and brick home is a bit mind blowing.. I could fit our home on wheels in one room alone!!! Have been getting furniture for it and figureing where everything should go. My train room is really nice sized! I got a work/computer desk that is almost twice as big as my other one. Lots of room to build and move around in. Think the 32 inch tv will be too small. I think i need to get something like a 55 inch one. I am going to use the bedroom tv for a computer monitor and put the 32" in the bedroom. I have more than enough room for my 8 foot layout. And my tools and everything else. Thinking about a love sofa in the train room as i may want to just want to watch movies. That room is all mine!! Deb has her own room! She can put in it whatever she wants! I will show shots of the old layout and new plans when i get the layout in the house. Till then, Dan
OK, Some good changes coming my way. Have a new plan and am going to add a L to the layout and adding a coal mine to the layout. Since i am basically rebuilding the old layout, i made the move the change the thread title to the new one here. I have idea drawings made but not in print yet. Should be able to get that done this week maybe. Right now i have three different parts to the plans and i need to hook them up somehow. Not sure how to do it yet. Anyway more to be done. later, Dan
I am so happy it's coming in the house!! I am adding a coal mine on a L off the right side where I had the underlayout staging yard. I have a three level view of the layout. I am cutting the layout into three separate sections and adding two sections of 2 inch foam to it. It will be 96 inches long by 36 inches with a 5 foot extension on the right side. First is bottom, second is upper level and third is the coal mine extension. More to be revealed
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Willie, glad you got it in the house, that's a great beginning. Sorry to hear (and see) the damage though, that isn't so great. Look at it this way, you'll never have nothing to do, even if that was something that wasn't planned.

Hope it all comes back together though and perhaps some improvements (if any) can be done during the repairs.
It's in the house!!! That's the good news, now for the bad, it's not all that great! It has much damage!! And at best, that's a understatement... I have my work cut for me. Shots below. View before food.
Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I have only once successfully moved a layout (and that was not without damage). Every other layout I've participated in "moving" or trying to save pieces of has not been wonderful. This includes one layout that was "professionally" designed to be broken down into 5 sections for moving. It has never run again once we disassembled it, despite hours and hours of effort.
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Yep, I may tear it all down saving what I can and trashing the rest. Even with that the plan I have will be the plan I use. I got most of my tools and one of the crates of rr stuff. I know there is more but have to get some other stuff out of the way so I can get to it! Anyway I will try and post a couple of shots of how it is now.

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