The D&J Railroad -- From Scratch

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Success. Got the new cables installed through the benchwork and all the special boards and laptop isolated from the rest of the loconet and everything is working. It's a real aerobic workout again crawling under the benchwork and running back and forth to ensure the cables are feeding through without kinks.
Sometimes, it gets messy.
First picture is testing the LNRs to see if they really work.
The second picture is the LNRs mounted in the facia. Another facia will go over that one and extend further down.

Testing LNRs.jpg

LNRs installed.jpg
The LNRs are still working fine. Moving on to other items on the layout.
In particular, I have been working with a friend to integrate an ESU system to my layout to get the added capacity to use various throttles on my layout. Each op session I have visitors who aren't familiar with the Digitrax throttle because they have NCE, ESU or some other system at home. This effort will allow them to bring their own throttle to use on their train so they can run their train instead of trying to learn the throttle. Lots of testing a tweaking both system to get it to work. In the process, we found that the ESU doesn't need the two outboard wires on the Digitrax loconet.
Decided to take a break from working on the bridge and install a grade crossing with gates and signals.
First step was to survey the crossing site then bring in the excavating equipment to start the work.


Started bringing in the under layment for the road surface.


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