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One of the projects I've been putting off for a while now is replacing the turnouts at each end of the classification yard. The turnouts I originally installed were Atlas #6 with the pot metal frog. I really didn't like the distraction of a big screwhead sitting right there by the frog. Sorta like having a big snap solenoid sitting next to the track.
First picture is the yard with the turnouts before demolition began.
These pictures will help with reconstruction of the yard throat.

Turnouts are removed.

First two turnouts installed with throws attached to DPDT slide switches. After the turnouts are all in place, I'll go back and wire the frogs to the DPDT slides.

Trying to balance my time between building the bridge and swapping out the turnouts in the yard. Seems I'm not progressing very fast on either one.
I was able to put a little work into the turnouts today linked two more tracks plus got one turnout installed on the cutover from the A/D tracks to the fiddle track.



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OK, I forgot to hit the publish button on YouTube. Try it now.[/QUOTE

OK that worked.

Too bad you don't have enough room to run long trains. :)

My space is only 21 by 13 but I didn't want to have to duck under the table to reach some access hatch so I have a simple U shaped, folded dogbone track plan.

I wanted a workable classification yard and I got that, albeit a small one.

I wanted a decent passenger yard with station and I got that with sidings long enough for 10-12 cars.

I wanted a engine yard with full turntable and I got that.

To get all that something had to give and it was the mainline - just the simple folded dogbone.

I always wanted to have the space you have but it has never worked out that way - the wife always has other ideas when she sees a wide open basement - wives must love walls or something.

Got some more work done on the other end of the yard. Cutting the track to fit is the easy part. setting up the slide switches takes longer. While I'm using them to control the turnouts, I'm also applying wires to the terminals that face down under the layout to provide powered frogs and later on to power dwarf lights.
The two most forward tracks are the A/D tracks. The third track that is partially completed is the fiddle track.

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Got some more work done on the yard throat this evening. Had to stop so I could watch NCIS.
The container train is leaving on the departure track, being shuttled over to the intermodal yard while the freight cars are being shoved back in the classification yard from the fiddle track.

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Finished the turnouts at the end of the yard.
Ran some trains through the turnouts to be sure they were aligned right and the slide switches worked right.
Now just have to apply track power to the frogs through the slide switches.


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Finally got around to spreading some ballast in the classification yard. I have one more container of the N scale ballast then I'll have to wait till the next train show to pick up some more. The yard track is code 100, but the ballast covers the ties and right up almost to the top of the rails. I have spread some other grade ballast in a few spots as you would find around repaired spots. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to