Steve's SOCAL BNSF layout

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Reading this is really making my fingers twitch, its been nearly 12mths since I had to put my layout up a siding while I setup our small hobby farm.
Wish you guys would slow down so I could catchup :)

Keep up the great work
Thanks all for the comments.....

Got this end redone and operational again minus a few pieces of flex track needed (LHS was out over the weekend). The double stack container cars and other long cars no longer jump track in the previously sharp turns!

Looking for some feedback on some ideas I've been messing around with in each end of the yard. I'd like to put an engine yard and maintenance facility in one end and a rail car maintenance facility in the other end. Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions to making them better! These will also add two more tracks to the yard.

Proposed engine maintenance facility and yard (mock up only using spare pieces of track).....

Proposed rail car maintenance faculty and staging tracks (mock up only using spare pieces of track), curved track will wrap around the facility and eventually meet up with the mainline and include a spur for another building (TBD).

I'll probably work on building up the mountain scenery, adding backdrops, or finishing the yard next. Still have a bit of wiring to do also!

Thanks for looking

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Did some work this week to fix some items with track where trains were getting hung up (soldering some rails with loose connections).

Also started working on finishing a lot of the mountains. Did a lot of the base work to get the shapes before adding the plaster. Looks like I'm building a wooden roller coaster!!

Still have to finish the back portion towards the wall and move that outlet!


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Lookin' good Steve!
That squiggly track reminds me of a section out West we used to call "The snake Pit", that's going to look great with a coal train running thru it!
Hey Steve,
Great job!!! Can't wait to see it when the mountains are done. I grew up in So Cal and use to drive cajon pass to get to work for a few years. I lived in Victorville for a couple of years and then moved up to No Cal. Keep up the good work and keep the pics coming.


Thanks for the feedback, I've passed through Cajon quite a few times in my days too. I only wish my layout could look like the real thing (three tracks and much longer)!

Thanks again

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I think that it is going to look great. I see you are in Murrietta, I grew up in Chino. I just wondered if you had heard of it. We use to call Victorville, Victimville (haha).

Just off of the 60 before Ontario. My wife and I both grew up there, her parente still are in Chino. They have lived there since about 1957. I miss it sometimes but we like Northen ca as well.
This weekend I'm working on sculpting the mountains on the opposite end of the layout. I sure hope this method using "plaster of Paris" works! Here are some progress shots from today, still have a lot to do before adding the cover layers.

Look at all those tunnel portals, should be nice when complete watching trains climb through the mountains.

Thanks for looking and feedback always welcome.


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Hope I don't put my foot in mouth ... But just about any other scenery material is better than plaster of Paris.

You have done an amazing amount of work in a short period of time. Going to look really good.
Check out Jim's thread .. Building the Pinnacle Creek and his scenery methods. It's a "sticky" by hoexplorer.
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