Spring floods caused some serious issues

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I'm preparing to start working on my own layout soon and my skill level is untested. Maybe I could start with this as a model. All kidding aside, I didn't realize these are the issues (This is BNSF which I am a big fan as I saw them daily in the northern burbs of Mpls/St. Paul as a youngster) that our Transportation industry has to deal with.



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Somebody needs to put some better sub-roadbed under that flextrack! But, then again, if you realistically model the Mighty Mississippi, it isn't all that unusual to have flooding problems! :eek:
Very true. I grew up less than a mile from the Mississippi but we were on high ground... I guess no matter how much glue you use on the ballast, it won't handle a deluge. Of course, who would flood their layout no matter how much you want to emulate the real thing. :)
I agree. In the 70's we'd cross the field by my house and watch the trains full of new cars, or hauling ore from up north come roaring by and when I saw what all you guys have been doing with a hobby I never kept up with, and add to it a bunch of beutiful locomotives WITH SOUND like the originals, I knew I had to climb on board (pun intended). I have been reading, reading, and more reading and looking at pics for months now. I decided on my models from memories of what I used to see coming through town. I picked out several Loco's to fit ME ( a couple Great pumpkin SD-60's, a couple SD-40's, SD45-2's, C424's) and soon I'll decide how much of the garage I'll eat up (as long as the Harley is out of the weather), and come up with a layout. Too much fun. I'm retired Navy and have to spend wisely.
Nice Loco Steve, I found a place that had like 3 new ones in stock but then I figured it might be a problem with a half dozen of the same road number on the track at the same time. :)

I guess I'll look for a couple nice CP Locomotives down the road. I sure do like the quality feel of the Athearn Genesis Loco's. How is yours when pulling?


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If the water on those tracks was a little deeper, they'd have to assign U-boats for the motive power.

Thank you. I'll be here all this week. Invite your friends.

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