Southern Pacific Coast Line in HO

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The gas station is a holdover from my old layout and needed to be re-branded to something more appropriate for California. I did a Google Images search for "vintage California gas stations" and found a few photos of Flying A stations. Another Google Images search came up with a logo, which I ran through Photoshop and created some in the size I needed. I made the tall sign from scratch using some Evergreen styrene stock.

As you can see in the photos there are two cars in the service bays getting some work done and a customer in the office with the owner.

A bunch of nice looking work you have there......really like the look of your road in the pic on page three were you show the wig wag crossing signal & the gas station. I like the Flying A brand. I put together the Campbell's, Associated oil co. bulk plant modeled from the one in Quincy Cal.
Thanks for your comment, the idea for the road came from a video on Model Railroader Video Plus. It's 100 grit sandpaper glued to .040" styrene sheet. Drybrushed, weathered, and detailed. The wig-wag is made from scratch out of Evergreen styrene and bits and pieces.


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Layout is looking good. Have you put in any lighting and interior details? I started to build the grocery exchange several years ago, and was looking at having open doors, with a view of boxes and pallets of stuff looking to be shipped to the local stores. I ended up moving, and its been put on hold ever since, but yes, I'm looking to have a perishable train come up from Florida on the Philly & Scranton. Will probably be 10-15 fifty foot mechanical reefers, maybe with some FEC run thru power.
Haven't done very much more work on the layout lately. Dealing with some lighting issues above Watsonville and Santa Cruz. In the meantime my local Hobbytown recently had this Athearn Genesis GP9 on a deep mark down and I couldn't resist it. I know this is pushing my modeled time period a little but I'm okay with that. I weathered it very lightly since it would be either relatively new or recently rebuilt.



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