Show us your kit-bashed structures

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Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
After seeing the entries for Mark's (NP2626) recent contest, I thought it might be fun to start a continuing Showin' Off thread for structure bashes. No contest, just display your work. There was some great entries if not a lot of entries so now time is not an issue so let's see everyone's work.

I'll start with this before and after of an old salvaged Kibri building.


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Gary B: Your Motor Lodge looks like the one we stayed at in Florida on our second night of our honey moon almost 44 years ago. Hope your plumbing works and the room doors lock. Our didn't.



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Very nice, and using the Lego bits like that... genius!
I'll have to dig thru boxes to se what I can contribute.

Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Thanks everyone.
Greg - The Miami is fully functional. My Flamingo Motel a few doors down the road is the one with the more questionable features. I guess stacking two Plasticville motels makes it a kit bash too.
Chet- nicely done Blue Box bashes. I was aiming to attract structures to this thread. Perhaps some one can start a rolling stock thread bash.


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Here's a scratchbuild. I always keep Evergreen styrene around and needed a building to fit into a space that I couldn't find a kit that I liked. Grandt linf door and windows were used.


Here's my scratch built freight station. Made from wood sheets and strip wood that I had handy.




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Speaking of sratch or kit bashing buildings, I'm looking for an idea for a building that I want to run a train under and through like those on the Franklin & South Manchester. This is where the track goes through a wall to the freight yard. All the current buildings against the wall are background building and complete builings in the foreground.

I would like to avoid a tunnel going through scenery.

Nice work everyone...Gary B I like the Miami Motor Lodge sign on the structure. Well done.




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Here's another scratch build. Probably had too much time on my hands at the time. It was made from what wood sheets and strips that I had on hand at the time. Even the windows were built from scratch. The stool are small nail heads. Some casting were used for chairs, the pot belly stove, cash register, radio and phone.




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Great kit bash ideas...

I still have several older kits still in the box I need to deal with. They are IHC kits and I got to remember where I put them as I have not yet opened ALL the boxes of train stuff. I know there's a firehouse and the 3 houses under construction.
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Not a structure but motive power. A Rogers or American 10 wheeler, the basic model is a Mantua locomotive. Each have been modified with new tenders and a different smoke stack. I run fleets of locomotives so when one fleet is on the lay out the other is in the shop being modified with new compressors, bells, feed water heaters, sand piping etc etc etc. as the years go by they each become more & more customized and individualized and the best thing on a analog pike is their all the same model so you can double, triple or quadruple head your big freights without them fighting each other provided you can generate enough amperage. I apologize for the picture quality but it was taken on my cell phone so what can I say?
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Kitbash Long Shark BP-20, and a B-unit for DL-109

I've mentioned these two projects in several postings scattered throughout the forum, but I thought I would bring them together in one single subject thread,...and particularly since I intend to utilize the same chassis for both projects.

Two Projects Utilizing
Proto 1K, DL-109 Locomotive frame/chassis

1) Creating a 'B-unit' or DL-110 for the SantaFe

There were several roads that had B-units for their DL-109 locomotives. I've chosen to model the Santa Fe one. I had to make a choice where I would cut the two shells such as to end up with a proper window placement, and a reasonable duplication in the roof details. I need to finish the diaphram on the one end and the coupler mount.

Then it needs to be painted and decals added.

2) Creating a 'plastic model' of the PRR, BP-20 Shark

I've always wanted one of these extra-long Sharks that PRR had...only ? of them as far as I know. So likely you will never see them modeled in plastic in a production manner.

The few attempts to provide a model for this BP20 never had a chassis of the proper wheel base. I've chosen the Proto DL 109 chassis. It has the proper trucks, and it has great weight and running qualities....even good speaker locations for a sound version. Had to do a bit of filing to get the shells to fit over the nose.

...more here, older subject thread of mine


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This is a kit bashed 7 stall roundhouse, built from two Walthers 3 stall kits. The side facing the turntable was scratch built from Evergreen Board and Baton material and the doors from Evergreen plain board material with Northeastern wood framing. I did not have room for the full sized Walthers Kit and so I cut off the end walls just at the pilasters just out of the picture as you can see the tender of my W-3 mike sitting proud of the doors. This gave me two more walls to use on the back side of the building.The roof is all made from .032 thick plastic. The wall on the far end is facing towards the inside of the building. Each stall has a wood frame the supports the roof. Brass tubes where used as smoke stacks.

The wedge shaped building to the left of the Roundhouse was Kit Bashed per the Art Curren book. The white building to left was scratch built from card stock.
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Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Excellent Mark! My only question I have is after all the changes you made what was left from the two roundhouse kits? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to