Shinohara flange depth

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I have a Shinohara double crossover where the trucks ride up through the flange ways when entering the the diamond portion. Makes for a very rough ride and frequent derailments. I wondering if anyone else has had this problem and discovered a solution. I was thinking about filing the flangeways deeper but am concerned about the undermining the insulation.

I can visually see the wheel ride up over the flangeway and rideup when it hits the frog point.

Any help on how to fix this problem will be greatly appreciated.

My layout (I guess I should say my fathers and mine) is comprised of nothing but Shinohara switches. The same happened to me, mostly when I was shoving cuts into the yard. The original plan was to change all of the wheel sets out with scale wheels but with 1700+ cars, that got real expensive real fast. We chose to use a fine file to work the frogs on the switches down to an acceptable level. It can be time consuming but it worked ( 75 turnouts later). Aviod the temptation to use a Dremel tool to speed the process........and don't forget to check the track gauge as you work through it.
Shinohara flange depths


They are RP25. Weren't the pizza cutters RP27?

In watching closely, I can see the wheel ride up on top of the rail and then come down in the gap before it encountering the frog point. I've checked it with the NMRA gauge and it appears to be in gauge. The wheels are Intermountain and also are in gauge when measured with the NMRA gauge.

I'm at a loss. Anybody make a good reliable double crossover?



Master Mechanic

They are RP25. Weren't the pizza cutters RP27?

I'm at a loss. Anybody make a good reliable double crossover?


The pizza cutters were made to the NEM standards of Europe. They have been slowly going to an equivalent version of the RP-25's.

As to who makes a good reliable double crossover-------Why I do, of course!;):p

This is a pic of the double crossover located in my main yard.


Long Winded Old Fart
I had the same problem w/a bunch of Atlas Crossings about 3 years ago. I tried cutting them w/a Dremel tool, but got into the metal X under the plastic & had to throw them away. There were 2 90*, 2ea. 19* & 1 45*. Since then when I have trouble w/flanges hitting plastic I cut them down also w/a file.
The turnout is code 83. I have been using small needle files to fix areas where the wheels are forced to ride above the rail. So far, fix one frog as you enter the diamond. Also noticed in the diamond that there is no extra play. The wheels are so snug between the running rail and the flange rail. Using the NMRA gauge, shows me that there is not sufficient width between these rails.

And Carey, if you like to send me one your double crossover's, I'd greatly appreciate.

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