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I was born in Milwaukee (German) and currently live in a far Milwaukee suburb...I never heard of them by that name or saw them until now.
Greg; My wife refers to Pierogis as Polish Ravioli. During the major league baseball season, the Pittsburgh Pirates have a Pierogi race, similar to the Sausage race in Milwaukee, and the Presidents race in National's Park. Pierogis are found in Polish and Ukrainian neighborhoods in nearly all population centers. Back in the old neighborhood, my neighbor used to make home made Pierogis every Friday, that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. She always sent a large platter full over to our house. Each group of people had their own version of similar pastas and pastries. Much of the Kosher food sold around here is similar to what my mother and grandmother (Lithuanian Catholic) prepared. Some was good, some not...;)

One of my favorites, is Italian Tomato Pie which is Not Pizza, BTW. Most easily procured in Trenton and Newark NJ.


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Good Afternoon All,

Spent about 4 hours in the kitchen today cleaning and painting. Tomorrow for something different we are working in the front flower bed:confused:. MOH just keeps adding crap to the to do list for Thanksgiving. Going out later with daughter and grandkids for supper and a town Halloween event.

The Branchline Laser Art 3 tab shingles came in today. Hopefully I can start putting them on the roof cards Sunday.

Greg- Very nice layout shots. I hope the PR4 works better than the PR3 that I ended up getting rid of. I now use a Soundtraxx programing board.

Chet- Nice layout shots.

I hope everyone has a good night and watch out for the kids.
Curt: I use the PR4 to upload sound files and it performs well. Checking CV's and making changes is also an easy task. I'm using Win 10 on my computer and the computer loaded the operating drivers for the PR4..

I understand that the firmware for the PR3 was updated for Win 10 and it may the device work better. SoundTraxx has a good product as well.

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When I was in Michigan, I had both Pasties from the UP and Pierogis in the Polish community in Detroit. They are not the same. Both are very good. A pasty can fill you up for sure. ..... In Kentucky, they serve Burgoo which originally was a stew made with meat from squirrels and rabbits. Now, they use pork and other regular meats. Not as good as pasties or pierogis.

Greg ..... I like the layout shots very much. ..... .


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Good morning. It's mostly clear and 57.
We had not a single trick-or-treater here last night, following a pattern where we've had two trick-or-treaters in the last 8 years we've been here.
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