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Good Morning Everyone....overcast and chilly here in Wisconsin. Freeze warnings for the next several nights...I'll leave the outside water on until will not get that cold to freeze water pipes. The cabin isn't heated when we are not there and neither is the pump house...the warm ground temperatures provide some heating. The temperature is dropping like the DOW.

Ray: Great looking flat cars with the wood decking looking so realistic.

Sherrel: Those photographs of the Ben Bow Inn look very much like Willie's summer home.

Garry: You better keep the cab doors locked on those ABA Northern Pacific units. Chet will be sending a crew to hijack the North Pacific motive power and take it to Chet's Logan Valley!!! Another great photograph.

Doctor's appointment later today and we plan on stopping at the Brewers Sport Shop at Miller Park to get a friend a Birthday present for his 60th Birthday on Saturday. This guy belongs to a bunch of guys who build Rat Rods during the long winter. One has a complete garage complete with a machine shop on his property.

Installed my sump pump yesterday and it seems to be working okay.

Planning on re-motoring an old Athearn BB F3 A unit with a Proto 2K motor and install DCC. I also have to check out the rewiring job on a P2K SW 1200 that I want to install DCC as well. Something simple is wrong with the truck electrical pick-ups.

That's all for now.



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Yesterday we drove north on H/W101 to Ferndale - a more or less farming type community along with logging.
A really beautiful Victorian town which was just like something out of a storybook. I'll try to borrow some of the wife's photos ... she walked the entire main street and photographed everything in sight. Then we headed south on some road to the Lost Coast which I now know the reason they call it that. A very narrow winding bumpty road that,by the time we were half way, we realized that we were not prepared for that kind of trip. There were beautiful sections and then there were parts that were obscured from even seeing daylight; very few inhabitants, but several huge ranch operations. Long story short - it took us 5 hours to go 100 miles. As rough as the road was - they may decide to total the rental car. LOL
We will pack up and hopefully find a place to park around Willits tonight. Probably won't ride the train, but maybe I can get some photos?
Sherrel Redwood2.jpg
Sherrel Redwood.jpg


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Good morning. 30 degrees with a dusting of snow to greet us this morning.

Hod to get to town early to have my annual physical. My doc does the flight physical also and unless something serious happens, I should stay on the right side of the grass for a while.

Sherrel - Sure get a good jag of firewood out of one of those trees. Nice photos.

Garry -
If you get tired of those NP units, I could give them a home. Nice picture.

I detect some whining about the cooler temps. Suck it up buttercup, winter is coming. looking out the window, I see we are having some snow flurries. Sounds like a geed reason to retreat to the train room.

Here's a rail picture for today.



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Afternoon All,

Did some chores this morning then I finished the placement of bracing and trim on the window boxes. It took a lot longer than expected (almost 2 hours). Tomorrow I start painting the inside black. The test I did on the fiberboard wall scrap didn't have any issues so that was a good thing. A modeler I know recommended Durhams Rock Hard Water Putty for the wall stucco. He said he used it on a FSM model and it worked great.

I talked to Phil yesterday and today and he's doing OK.

Garry- Nice ABA set.

Willie- Have fun in AL.

Johnny- Actually I about ready for some MT weather about now. It is 92 F and humid here, as it will be forever.

Toot- Stay safe from the weather.

Sherrel- Great vacation photos. By the way, who is the old guy with the dogs?:D

Chet- Nice rail shot. That's me whining for cooler temperatures.

The walls are not glued together


I hope everyone has a good night.


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Good afternoon .....

Sherrel ....... WOW ! ...... That is a grand trunk ! ..... LOL

Greg, Chet, Curt, and others I missed .... Thanks for commenting on my photo of NP F-units.

Chet ... Nice rail photo of the day.

Curt ... Looks like you are making good progress on the building.


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Good evening. It's partly sunny and 68.
The storm rolled out here a couple of hours ago. We lost power on one leg of our three phase circuit at 3:00 at work, and the showroom was flooding. The showroom is on top of a hill, the second highest spot in the county. We were sent home at 3:30.
The drive home was--interesting. While probably nowhere near what happened further South, it took nearly three hours to drive home, something that normally takes 30 minutes or so. Trees down, roads flooded, bridges overtopped with water and closed, people completely lost, as far as driving in bad weather.


AKA Gomez Addams
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After the storm has gone, now our internet is out. Luckily, I have a hotspot with my phone, but I think I'd better save the data in case it doesn't come back on in a couple of hours.


AKA Gomez Addams
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Good evening. Internet is back up--for now.
My wife has been on dialysis for nearly a month, and today she got a bill from her supplemental insurance company for her copay for this service. It seems her copay is $30 a day. That's $900 a month. Her social security is only $1250 a month. Her copays for her insulin is $450 a month for one, $260 a month for the other. Not counting anything else.
She is going to be making some calls, because we're not going to be able to pay for her health care, and even pay for food and rent, much less anything else.


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Good Morning All. 59° and cloudy with some occasional misting. Ten day forecast has changed a bit, it's not going to warm up to our normal average, but they have added rain and thunderstorms every day. I'll be elsewhere where their forecast is for mid-80's all week.
Mowed much of the yard yesterday, changed the oil in the SUV and did lots of laundry. Getting ready for a vacation trip is a job itself! I encountered a lot of traffic problems on the grocery/beer trek yesterday, between highway lane closures due to construction to accidents all over the city, the normal two hour trek took three hours. Would have taken a lot longer if I hadn't taken some back routes which still had problems, just less in intensity.
I did get to spend a little time in the train shed yesterday evening. Ran trains only. I'll miss that while I'm on vacation.

Sherrel - Looks like a great place to meet Mother Nature. Those trees are very impressive. They must have been there a very long time.
Chet - You can keep your snow up there. It's barely fall and it's way too early for snow for me.
Curt - Your structure is coming along nicely.
Garry -
Sherrel ....... WOW ! ...... That is a grand trunk ! ..... LOL
Would that be a "Grand Trunk Western"?
Terry - Those medical co-pays don't seem to be right. The insulin ones especially seem out of line. Good luck on getting them straightened out.

There is a day for everything, especially food. Today is National Pulled Pork Day. That's something that I can really get my teeth into.
Everybody have a wonderful day. I'll be leaving tomorrow at 0500 and will check in occasionally if my wife remembers to bring the mouse for her laptop. I'm too clumsy with touch screen laptops.o_O


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I got the new camera today and have just opened the packet. Comes in a fabric zip pouch. ikaufen is the brand name, made in china (of course).

Lots of bits in plastic bags and a foam cradle

The camera in it's waterproof container, with the previous one alongside to compare the sizes

The mounting must be a standard size, as it fits the one I mounted from the small one, which is very good.
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An advantage in making sure you are pointing it in the right direction is a small (2") viewing screen
HAH! once again I realise I've got it round the wrong way
Anyway :oops:

Back to the case. In it we find, apart from all the brackets for various mounting methods (think I see a tripod mount too). A remote control for WIFI connection to the camera

Main batteries (2) IMG_5883.JPG

Remote battery
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