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Good Morning Folks. 60° and clear sunny skies here. Don't know about the rest of you, but I like sleeping with the windows open. Hello Flo, I'll take two over-easy eggs and a handful of sausage patties this morning. Well, smack dab in the middle of my day here, we're going to a memorial service for our friend who passed away last Friday. This will be my first experience with a graveside Jewish service. I've been to Shiva's before, I think that is what it is called, conducted at a relatives home by a Rabbi and consists of prayers and chants in Yiddish, before commencing into a celebration of life.

Thanks to all who commented or liked yesterday's post; Johnny, Dave in PV, Justin, Sherrel, Patrick, Chet, Phil, Tom, Jerome, Jim and anyone else that I may have missed.

Spent some time yesterday afternoon in the train shed with the A/C. I finished installing the two spurs and painted the track. Here's a progress shot from the front.
05-13-19 002.JPG
Time now to repaint parts of the plywood to fit the rearrangement. Structures switched sides and building on the right moved back a bit.
View from the rear.
05-13-19 001.JPG

Two questions now. What am I going to do with the blank space behind the paint distributor on the right in this view? The other question is what am I going to do with all of the remnants from the Pikestuff walls and roofs that were cut up? I'll answer both. Build a maintenance shed to fill the spot.
05-13-19 005.JPG

05-13-19 006.JPG

Easy enough.
05-13-19 008.JPG

I still need to put some finishing touches, details and weathering on these two structures, that will most likely happen after ballasting the spurs and adding the ground cover in this area. Looks like I should have used the filler putty before painting, but that gap isn't really visible in person.

The forum software would not let me post the full post this morning. Not sure why unless I have too many pictures. I'll split it up and try again.

Johnny - Get well soon.
Garry - Have a safe trip. Great pictures yesterday.
Sherrel -
WILLIE - You still have a lot of realestate to cover!
Yes I do, and I'm waiting for you to come back and help!:rolleyes: Guess where we went for Mother's Day dinner last night?
Beady -
I've been running trains!
Good news finally. Now for some pictures.

Everybody have a great day.
Good morning. Starting up at 48 degrees (sorry Joe) and we should be up into the mid 70's again today.

I think I am going to mow today. When I saw the surgeon last Friday, I asked him if it was alright to mow. He asked if it was a riding mower which it is. I told him that I had 2 acres to mow. He came back and said it was fine and when I was done, I could do his.

Beady - Post some photos of you project.

Willie - Nice photos. You're making some good progress.

Here's a photo of the MRL at St Regis, MT. The abandoned bridge is the old Milwaukee Road mainline. For many miles the Milwaukee Road and the Northern Pacific pretty well ran right along side each other. This is where the to roads separated. The Milwaukee Road ran west to Haugen, MT and then south to Avery, ID where the Mountain electrified division ended. The Northern Pacific raqn north from this point aong the Clark Fork river up to Sand Point, ID.


Go back a few years and here is the Milwaukee Road going over that bridge. You and barely make out the Northern Pacific main line under the bridge.

Crossing the Clark Fork with a dead box cab.jpg

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Hello again. Here is the other part of the post that I tried to unsuccessfully post earlier.
Speaking of ground cover, it looks like the track gang has left the ties to be used in making the grade crossing to access the center of the peninsula.
05-13-19 007.JPG

I soaked these ties in a mix of IPA and brown India Ink for about a week, maybe unconventional but that's what I do. Here's the sort of overhead shot of the crossing as it exists right now.
05-13-19 013.JPG

I'll fill in with the ties before I do the approaches. The switch will certainly add challenges to this, but there was no other place to realistically put this crossing.
Good morning everyone. 54 and mostly clear.

Some nice photos from Willie, Chet, Dave, and others. Thanks all for posting.

I am not seeing any progress in the train room. Those 1:87 citizens are going to riot soon! Got to get by my LHS for one electrical component so I can get the lighting project moving forward.

Have a good day everyone.
Good Morning Everyone....beautiful morning here in Wisconsin. Sprayed some weeds in a T shirt since the weather is so nice.

Dave: Nice camp fire, we tried to start one this weekend but the wood is so wet that was little fire unless lots of lighter fluid was used. Great scene with the saw mill.

We had a Samoyed female who would watch the lighting and listen to the thunder with me when it stormed. In fact, often she was waiting for me at the window and watched the show by herself.

Chet: Great MRL photos. I got my lawn tractor running this weekend at the cabin. I noticed that the nut that holds the air cleaner in place was missing and made a mental note to purchase a replacement. Cathy when she was walking to the truck when we were leaving found the nut in the sand where it was since last fall.

Off to install some decoders.




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Lucky finding that nut there Greg!

Willie - I just don't now how you are able to cover so much ground all the time. I am trying to remember last time I was able to move like that - goes back a ways! One of these days, God Willing, I will have dinner and run trains with you, but I am afraid that the way you are going that their will be nothing left to build?

Nice recovery, CHET ... You have "bounced back" pretty darn quick - just dont damage yourself? The posted Milwalkee and MRL photos are really pretty!

DAVE BANTA - Sawmill pic is awesome!

Sposed to be 81 here today - and it's clear! Daughter from D.C. is in LA for G-ment work and will visit tomorrow afternoon for a few days. Still waiting on the car wiring to be finished. Many HonDew projects to contend with. She drug me out to look at furniture - I had almost rather watch a soccer game than look at furniture! I guess that she feels as if she is including me in the decision even though she totally disregards my input?

OK, time for some morning eats and then to clean the oven, have made a real mess baking some chicken last night .. It splattered everywhere .. never had that happen?


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A couple of you want pics, so... I've seen what the rest of you have got, and this is nothing; in fact, it's still not as advanced as it was before the flooding. Don't know if I'll get anything more done until tomorrow; took a Melatonin last night, and I'm still coming out of it.

Anyhow, here's the Riverossi Mallet and the Chicago Zephyr:
Good afternoon all, thought I would check in now and that way it will be easier in the morning.

Willie-- I was going to suggest an abandoned lot overgrown with weeds and pavement with the grass growing through the cracks, but I guess it was a rhetorical question.

Beady-- thanks for posting the video of your locomotives! I like the Mallet, next time slow it down some for me

Sherrel-- glad you liked the sawmill perspective

Greg-- our firewood was very dry, however it is a from a pile of brush we made last summer, alder about 2-3" in diameter and since it is off the ground it dried out nicely. Plus, I think it has been drier here.

Chet-- love your history of the Milwaukee Road ( I almost called it old milwaukee, bringing back my college days) in photographs

more later, Dave
Good morning everyone. 66 and clear, heading for 85 today. A large piece of crumb cake and a coffee, please, Flo.

Finally got back to the train room and at least ran a train for a while last night. At least those 1:87 citizens know the mayor is back in town!!;) Still trying to get by my LHS to pick up some things.

Curt - see my PM in Conversations re/my trip to Orlando this Sunday.

Have a good day everyone.
Good Morning All. Clear and 61°. Third day in a row without rain! How about some waffles and sausage today Francine? I see Flo over there flirting with Mark. He must be a good tipper.
Even though the weather was perfect yesterday for anything, my whole day was willingly spent at a funeral/reception down in Dallas for a close friend. First time for me at a Jewish graveside ceremony, interesting. Today, the morning brings a quarterly doctor visit for both me and my wife. Some type of ACA (Obamacare) regulations won't let the insurance company pay for prescriptions (mainly BP meds) unless I visit the doctor quarterly, or so they say. Anyway, the visit is free, no copay. just a time consuming hassle.

Thanks for the likes and comments yesterday; Chet, Johnny, Sherrel, Jerome, Patrick, Tom, Dave.

No progress to report today as yesterday was one of those rare days that I did not visit the train shed. I do however have a couple of shots of some Magnuson models that I have. First up is called "Cyclops Railway Supply". I have not given it a name yet and it is in a different undeveloped area. Right now I just switch generic boxcars to keep the train crews busy.
05-13-19 009.JPG

05-13-19 010.JPG

I had a very difficult time with this one. Several of the resin walls were warped and did not respond well to any of the known remedies, low temperature oven, hot water soaking, hair dryer. I did get some of the warp out and ended up removing the rest by mounting it on an internal base of 5/8" plywood using lots of Walther's Goo. I also used some very small long screws located under the loading dock. It came with a cardstock and stripwood canopy which I left off for better viewing, Figures are Woodland Scenics and handrail came from the scrap box. Pallets and boxes came from the detail drawers.
This next one I cannot determine what the original kit was called. I purchased it already assembled from the LHS consignment table years ago. I completely disassembled it, cleaned it up, touched up the paint and reassembled it before also upgrading the weathering.
05-13-19 011.JPG

I am not sure where the original modeler got the sign from. It is intended to be (for me) a receiving warehouse for the local utility company.

Sherrel - Even with my recent rapid pace, I still expect to spend close to three years finishing off the scenery. I am having a slower week this week as I just have too many other things happening and I do have to find time to mow the yard yet, before the next predicted rain Saturday and all next week. Like you, I have been drug out to look at furniture/fixtures/appliances many times for my opinion which is always ignored. I like your soccer game analogy.
Beady - A start is a start. Looks like good trackwork.
Dave -
Willie-- I was going to suggest an abandoned lot overgrown with weeds and pavement with the grass growing through the cracks, but I guess it was a rhetorical question.
While it was actually a rhetorical question, I thank you for implanting that idea in my head. There is still some room there and that is an excellent suggestion. Look for implementation at some time in the future. Even though this is intended to be a "newer" industrial park, that would still be appropriate for a forgotten back lot location. Thanks again. Yes, Old Milwaukee at three quarts for a dollar brings back those college memories, barely! o_O

Everybody have a great day.


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Morning Coffee Shop Folks!
Just finished the first cup and reading all the latest posts ... I see a few new additions that perk my interest.
It's supposed to be 74 today after a beautiful 79 uesterday. Tomorrow they are saying 100% chance of rain? Don't see many "100% chance" advertised - guess there must be a disturbance out there?
Anyone see the news of the guy going down 35k feet deep in the Pacific? I missed parts of it, but goodness - that must be some real pressure that deep? Can Anyone tell me what it would be?

Willie - Nice job on the "warped" building; never know it by looking at the photo.

Off to do some quick shopping before the traffic picks up. Later guys.
Good morning all, have a break at work about an hour to sit in the truck so have the laptop hooked up to the iphone.

Anyway, Johnny that crumb cake sounds really good, I think I will have some too!

Willie-- pass the coffee over here, too. That Kilowatt sign I think is from the early 60's. Hard to believe there is a day in our memory they actually had to advertise electricity.

Sherrel-- I think we hit 74 yesterday, but in the sun it feels warmer, also very little wind. Supposed to be 85 tomorrow then 5 days of rain and 50's

I didn't get anything done with the train yesterday except unpack a 3 log car set from Roundhouse. Looks like some pretty big nobs on the bottom I have to shave off.

Here is todays layout shot, this is a Bowser S-12. It ran really smooth, until I dropped it. It still ran smooth but the pieces were perilously re-attached and I was afraid they would fall off, so liquidated it at a train show for cheap.

Learned this--do not drop the locomotive.

S-12 by Bowser.JPG

more later, Dave
Afternoon already.

Since I had lunch already, a piece of the crumb cake does sound good.

On vacation next week through Memorial day. I'm going to get some train work accomplished, but probably I have to take some time as I have too much built up and will lose some of it within the next month if I don't take it.Between vacation, comp time and holiday bank (yes sometimes in IT we have to work Holidays, especially when we have Police and Fire that work 24x7x365) I can be gone over 7 weeks. I hate using it to stay home, but c'est la vie. I know speak

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