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Maybe instead of just the #1, and seeing we're changing to a monthly format, the month and year. A shame the Roman Calender only had 10 months to a year, or we could have continued with that dating.
Remember to start with the year first, otherwise after a few years it will be All April, All May ......
Left Detroit area last night just after the finish of the Talladega race. Got home about 3 AM. slept till 6:30, I was tired.
I have to use up a couple days of time off so I guess I'll go for a ride up to Mainline Hobbies today to get a couple decoders.
Hope everyone is doing well. Honestly haven't done much to the layout. My family is gaining one and well I've been more preoccupied with finding a bigger place. So I haven't been getting too involved in my layout build. I have been running my trains and building some structures. I've been growing my hopper fleet some. I suppose I can share my last score from eBay. Of course I find my way back here and we are moving. I have some catching up to do. I tried scrolling some last night. However I'm back! That's the good part ain't it? Thanks for all the warm welcome backs from everyone.



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Chet - those street lights really do make your street scenes come alive, even more than normal. That really looks nice. makes me think more and more about putting them on my main street scene.

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Afternoon All,
Did some chores and errands today. Going to BBQ ribs for supper. Tomorrow I have been volunteered at the school again:rolleyes: by MOH. I helped my SIL Sunday putting down a vinyl floor (simulates wood planks) in a customers small bedroom and it only took about 3.5 hours to do.

Talked to Phil Saturday, he is doing OK but hasen't been motivated to get on the computer. I'm sure we all can relate with him at times.

Joe- Nice ship picture and background structure. My coal train is around 10 hoppers also but my cars are H21's. I really like their look.

Sherrel- Enjoy your family in NC and nice article.

Willie- Great layout pics. You really have been holding out on us.

Chet- Your photos with the street lights lit really make the scenes pop. Well done.

Terry- Interesting RC video. I had no idea that existed.

Justin- Welcome back and congratulations on your upcoming family arrival.

Johnny- I bet you were tired after all that yard work. I just cut the grass Saturday and felt beat.

I hope everyone has a good night.
Good Afternoon Everyone...Back from the cabin just 15 minutes ago.

Long, long and even longer weekend. Snow on the ground and several feet in spots and some area no snow. Arrived at the cabin Thursday mid-day and with the severe snow storm several weeks ago, the over two feet of snow blew into a covered area of the cabin's from deck. As the snow melted, the water ran ito the cabin getting the carpet and furniture feet wet. We could deal with it. Turned on the water and no problems until the kitchen. The sink sprayer broke off and water everywhere. Again, cleaned up the water, no problem. Off to the local watering hole.

Friday gone all day and purchased a new sofa for the living room. Great deal.

On Saturday, the Mrs. took a shower, washed dishes and the sink backed up. Removed the "p" trap and it was clean. Then the toilet backed up. Called our friendly septic pumper, no answer, and he's a friend too. Picked another septic guy and he would come out at $275/hr. He came an hour later and he found that the septic drain field was frozen after chipping away for an hour at the 10 inches of frozen sand over the septic tank cover. After pulling the cover we saw a huge ice cube floating the tank.

Decision a $250 additional to have the tank pumped or wait weeks for the ground to defrost. We pumped the tank.

We have 750 gallons of waste to fill run into the tank until the tank fills again.

Shower time on Sunday and the shower head is clogged with sand from the well. Home Depot before the next trip up.

Expensive trip to the woods... could of purchase DCC sound locomotives.

Did purchase some contact cement at a local county store for $1.00 a tube. I use to attach ground foam to my layout. Cheaper than GOO.

82 degrees today and we still have snow.

Chet: The streets look great with your new lighting. I agree those small WS wires are hard to work with and strip, but the results worth the time and effect.

Sherrel: Sounds like a nice trip. Travel safely. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Willie: Taking for sharing some of your layout photos.

Tomorrow off for some Plaster Cloth and then down to the layout room.

That's all for now.

Miller Time...


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Glad you're back, folks were starting to wonder if you'd been locked out! We were guessing that you didn't realize Tapatalk no longer works.
I wasn't locked out. I just didn't get the memo that the forum was back up and running. I just had the inclination that maybe I should Google search the forum and see what happens. Sure enough here we are! Of course I don't get my notifications from here like I did with Tapatalk so I'll have to check in when I get a chance.


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I just didn't get the memo that the forum was back up and running.
The transition went really fast, much better than I expected. It was pretty much back online and running the next day. We had a few minor glitches and a small number of attachments went missing, but given that fact that at one point I wasn't sure I could save any of it, things went remarkably well. The new software is enough like the old stuff that it's easy to use, while also having lots of nice new features. Really liking the version 2 of Xenforo.

Of course I don't get my notifications from here like I did with Tapatalk so I'll have to check in when I get a chance.
We've had a few members with that issue. In most cases, they end up in the junk folder. In a few cases, they seem to appear randomly with little rhyme or reason. Sadly, that's a common issue with all forum notifications, they all say about the same thing, so many spam filters will eventually flag them.

Try putting modelrailroadforums @ gmail .com (without the spaces) into your address book, that might help them avoid the junk folder.
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Joe- Nice ship picture and background structure. My coal train is around 10 hoppers also but my cars are H21's. I really like their look.
Curt: The B&O N37 and N41 hoppers come off the Reading. PRR coal will include H21's through H43's Just haven't gotten to them yet. In real life, there were two coal fired power plants in the service territory. One received coal by rail, 50% PRR, 50% RDG (B&O). The other received its coal mostly by barge. Not sure where it was transloaded from. Both had rail access. FWIW, my layout will have one Rail served power plant.


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Turns out he and his brother are both model railroaders. His brother just bought a new house and they are planning a layout of their own.
So, you did tell them about this website and encourage them to join it, right? They’ll get 1/2 off their membership if they mention your name! .5 x 0 = 0 ;)

Seriously though, suggest they pay a visit, we can always use more members.


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Where's the new place? Nobody here!

Kind of wondering that too!

Willie ... Darn It ... You have been posting photos of scenes that I did not see. They are great! Your Railroad is just too much to comprend in a short time - would need days to see everything. That photo of the culvert in the foreground is just too real looking.

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I'm NOT knocking my proto brethren they drive the hobby and if not for them we would not have the way cool stuff available. It's just that I don't know enuff about it to be even trying. It is what it is, yards and side tracks are needed so in that way yea. but trying to model a real area is not something I wanna take on. My skills would not do it justice.
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