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Plucked Tailfeathers
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Good Evening ... running late today with many "honeydo's" on my list.
Loved the doggie photos - I live in a family group where everyone has 2-5 dogs each and all rescues - truly Man's best friend!

Ken in MD -- I like the "Iron Belt Ken" handle! On the other hand you could go with "Spinach Can Ken" to match your Avatar?

Wisconsin Greg -- Exactly why I buy as much as I can on-line! The catch is that if the company has a presence in CA - then they have to collect the sales tax on their product.


"retired" conductor
Good evening gang!
Yes, I found the place, looks good! Hmmm, the Avatars are bigger too. Might have to create a new one. Spring gardening and the new GF have kept me jumping since Friday. I've got lots to catch up on!

Sherrel, Like the new avatar, it suits you. Shirley you must be happy with it!;)

Ken D&J, I would have liked to have gone to the show, but it seemed that everything I wanted to do this month happened this weekend. I don't know about the June show, but I will be there is October again.

Ironbelt Ken. Cant wait to see those cars in person, they look great! If you are going to take the time & effort to write up a kitbashing project, submit it to RMC. You might wind up with a cash prize and a free Dremel out of the deal!! It worked for me. :)

That applies to all of you too. One of the reasons RMC is rebounding its they are letting modelers have a say in it, not just the same old bunch of tired editors. (or videographers )

Catch y'all later, I'm bushed,,,,,,,sleep in 3,,,,,,,,,2,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Boris - I have a few Blue Box hopper cars that look alot like yours, Pro Custom was selling a six-pack of them in the early 90's right at the time when I was amassing a fleet of MDC 3-bays to build a convincing-looking coal drag for my first layout.
Ken: Pro Custom was selling a lot of specialty B&O stuff back then, I have a brass I-5 caboose, and several caboose kits in risen and wood. The B&ORRHS was several runs, they first offered the 1946 13 great states Scheme, in an 8 pack, then the Billboards in an 8 pack. Somehow, I think I have a few more billboard scheme in addition to the 8 I'm working on now. I don't want to over weather them, hoppers never really showed the dirt, only wear but many had discoloration from thaw sheds in the winter. The first photo with the reddish pocket sides, is an attempt to capture the rust from burnt off paint. I have seven Accurail 70 tonners in the Billboard scheme to do next. I agree with Karl, write it up and submit it to RMC, They have been running a lot of good stuff lately.

Garry: Thanks.


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kbkchooch, thank you, glad you like the place. I’ve got a few loose ends to tie up, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

You mentioned gardening, if anyone here ever wants to talk about gardens, please come check out It’s pretty quiet right now, I could use some more posts.


AKA Gomez Addams
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Good morning. It's cloudy and 46.
I spent the weekend playing "Bob the Builder" at home. I spent 4 hours Saturday replacing two brake assemblies on the travel trailer, mainly because all the attaching bolts were rusted solid. Then I assembled a new replacement desk for my wife's computer. Then I went out and bought a replacement desk for my computer, and assembled it. FYI, glass desks don't stand up to being rammed by metal handtrucks loaded with particle board. I also had to purchase a new monitor for my computer, because monitors don't respond well to being dropped on the floor when the aforementioned glass desk shatters under them.
Now I am off to work, to check out any damage from the tornado that passed through last evening.
Good Morning All. Looks like we're starting the day off at 41° with clear skies. It's going to be a busy gardening day for me now that I believe that all frost/freeze danger is past, 33° yesterday was close. There's 60 tomato and pepper plants in the utility room waiting to go back out on the porch prior to getting their permanent homes in the garden. How many get planted there today depends on how much stooping and bending I choose (am able) to do! The other 16 already in the garden are OK as I had them severely covered with hay. Lettuce, spinach, broccoli and asparagus harvests are continuing to go well.
Out in the train shed, I commenced with the second quarter layout cleaning on a portion of the lower deck. The layout is divided into roughly eight sectors for cleaning/rehab, undertaken once a quarter over a two year period. This includes visual inspection along the tracks for stray parts, thorough vacuuming of the ROW with track cleaning if necessary. All structures are removed, dusted and have any loose or missing detail parts fixed. Some of the older ones even get upgrading. Vehicles, figures, scenery, etc., all get dusting/vacuuming and repositioning as needed. Some touch-up paint is applied where necessary. This takes place over a period of ten days or so. Yesterday I found a brake wheel and surprise, two KD coupler springs along the main! It was not all tasks however, as I ran a few switching runs on the upper deck, since that's what I built this thing for.

Joe - Good looking coal hoppers there.
Greg in WI - I have also discovered many uses for both nail polish and liquid paper. I cannot forget that a train is running on my layout, yet. I am strictly set up as point to point right now, although a removable bridge is under construction that will allow continuous running on the upper level once it is completed. It's on the back burner right now until other chores (gardening and household) are completed and the weather settles down and I can once again drag out the sawhorses and saw to complete it.
Chet - It's been a drag for me dealing with the McHenry couplers over the years. Since a great deal of my fleet is Athearn blue box, Accurail and MDC Roundhouse products, I was looking at a cheaper (had three kids in college at the same time) and easier to install solution around KD #5's. Unfortunately I (and many others) didn't realize their weak point until after I had installed over 225 pair of them and they started failing. I keep a bulk pack of KD #148's on hand to deal with it now.
Ken (D&J) - Thanks for the video. Those trains look really good running those long sweeping curves. Show is not nearly as crowded as the ones around here are; which Ken in MD also alluded to. Our less crowded shows when that happens, also have more bargains.

Everybody have an awesome week.

Good morning everyone. Cloudy and cooooolddd in SW MO!!! Spring gave up for another few days and let winter back in. Even had snow flurries over the weekend. Nicer temps later this week.

Kept our 20-month old granddaughter Friday and Saturday, so no real work in the trainroom. Then a birthday party for our other granddaughter, who turned 14!! So not much got done in the trainroom until Sunday afternoon. Got some sections of road ready to glue down, and made some progress on the Cape Cod house kit, which should be done later this week. Then I can get started on those DPM kits that I got a couple of weeks ago.

Have a good day everyone.


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Good morning ...

One thing about the new forum is my avatar cuts off some of the photo of CB&Q F3's. Otherwise, I am very pleased with it. Thank you, Bob.

Interesting how some of the ads pertain to coffee shop businesses.

Terry .... Glass desks ? Sounds like mishaps waiting to happen. In your case, the mishap did happen. ...

Johnny .... Glad you were able to get to the train room Sunday. ... I suspect the Friday and Saturday interruptions were more pleasant than Terry's disruptions over the weekend.

Speaking of being disrupted, I have a mess at our house to distract me from the layout. The lower level of our house has a concrete patio along much of the side facing the lake. Pella glass doors exit onto the patio. We had a lot of rain in recent weeks, and apparently too much was on the patio. It had been coming into a spare bedroom unnoticed until I saw it Saturday morning. So, I'm cleaning up water damage. The Pella glass door needs work too because this should not have happened.

Not much model railroading for me in the mean time.

Good morning. it's 49° and the rain has slowed down.

Willie: I also keep a bulk pack of 148s around, but have been using 153s (scale - short shank) on the more recent builds. Might be asking for trouble, although the Kadee faces generally match up. next project is to purge all the Accumate couplers, from my Atlas fleet. They are actually worse than McHenrys.

Terry: You have to stop bringing Murphy home from work!

Speaking of screw up, to fix, last night I ordered a gift for my wife. Order page showed the item in stock. Upon completion of the order, the receipt showed will ship in late Now I have to cancel, and start shopping all over


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Good morning. 43 degrees to start off the day after a high of 66 yesterday.

Greg - Hope you got dug out. Looking at the current radar, it doesn't look good. Heard Green Bay got 2 feet.

Ken in MD - I know the feeling when it comes to what you want and what you really need. Nice score.

Justin - The hoppers look good. Like the rust along the bottom. I have very few hoppers. Just a few to deliver coal to the engine facilities and a couple to transport potatoes to packing facilities.

Ken D&J - Nice video. That's a lot of power you had running there. Hope things went well.

Terry - It does sound like Murphy was checking in on you.

Willie - When I started my layout, I had virtually nothing at all in HO scale having torn out an N scale layout. As construction progressed, I slowly worked on rolling stock. Many were custom painted undecorated blue box cars and the rest were mostly blue box cars for different railroads with a few old Roundhouse kits in the mix. Having a Walthers dealership at the time, all I used were Kadee #5's as the price was not bad at wholesale. In recent years, manufacturers came out with the plastic knock off knuckle couplers as many people immediately changer the old horn hook couplers to Kadees. I normally don't have a problem as for me a normal local train maxes out at 14 cars, but occasionally I will pull a long train out of hidden staging and that's when I noticed the plastic couplers failing. Now, if I do pick up anything with plastic couplers, I dive into my bulk pack of 158's.

The race was called yesterday in Bristol so I did get to spend some time down in the train room. I planted a number of the Woodland Scenics street lamps in the town and it looks like I have 4 too many. I didn't plan on putting any at the end of town where residences were, but may now that I do have a few left over. I didn't even attempt to start wiring anything up as I have to wait for another hub to arrive.

Here's a rail picture for today.


Garry: For sure, the door should not have leaked. OTOH, with weather like I am currently experiencing, wind driven rain from the East, has worked it's way in under the threshold of the French door of my family room. Not a good thing. So far, so good this time.


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Good morning ...

One thing about the new forum is my avatar cuts off some of the photo of CB&Q F3's.

I can fix that for you. Point me to a photo that you like, and I'll set it as your avatar. You can also do it yourself by clicking on your photo at the upper right of the page and that will allow you to edit various things in your account. However, if you'd like, I can switch it to make it easier for you.


Plucked Tailfeathers
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Howdy! Starting at 53* heading up to 65* today. That's a far cry from the 84 we had yesterday. I cannot recall the temps "bouncing around" like this in prior years? (FWIW, I can't remember what I had for dinner last evening.) Back to the weather, the UV rating says extremely high and I should limit my "whiteness" to 25 minutes of exposure. I have some catching up to do on prior postings - I spent a lot of time reading the thread about the NMRA and found it both interesting and informative. Then Bob said that he wanted some traffic over at the Garden Forum, so I was going to look at that, but couldn't remember if I had previously signed up for it - or not????

KARL -- Shirley I will figure out this "stuff"!

Christ! ... Now I can't even have my eggs sunny side up! If it an't one thing - it's another.

Terry ... I am worried about you! Please don't try and chew gum while you walk!

Have to back up and look at Ken D&J's videos.


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I can fix that for you. Point me to a photo that you like, and I'll set it as your avatar. You can also do it yourself by clicking on your photo at the upper right of the page and that will allow you to edit various things in your account. However, if you'd like, I can switch it to make it easier for you.

Bob ... Thank you ..... I just found my avatar setup . I changed it to an image of the Denver Zephyr from a Burlington promotional post card.
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