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Good morning (barely) to ALL, great to have you check in

A cool 64 with breeze and sun.

Mark-- your weather sounds FINE

THOSE with the relentless rain, I hope things change for you

Willie-- very nice hydrocal buildings

Garry, will continue to pray for your daughter

Todays photo, the GN S-12 and a Roundhouse tank car backing into unload:

oil tank 001.JPG

Will check in later on... Dave
Good Morning Everyone....over cast and rainy, some heavy later on in the afternoon.

A couple of things this morning like secure the hanger to a hanging pot. It seems that at least once or twice a season the pot detaches from the hanger and falls to the bed below. Not a good thing.

The showing of the layout when well last night and our visitor seemed impressive. I ran two trains at the same time on the main and they ran well. Turns out that his company sent him to a railroad yard to wire remote control units on some locomotives for switching work so he was familiar with railroads and diesel engines.

Layout after lunch and a few tasks.

Speedy recovery to everyone!!!

That's all to report.


Good Mid-day to you all,

Actually ran an engine on the newly wired bridge. I owe you all some pictures so here are a couple of the bridge temporarily hooked up:


I apologize for the fuzzy first image, but it is supposed to show my solder joint, the second shows an inexpensive engine running over the bridge on its own. You can see the wiring I I have to finish hiding and connect to something more substantial when I put the plugs on it, but it is a start.
Ken- my uncle in NYC had his successful RP done at JH about 15-20 years ago. He went there, because Sloan-Kettering(even though just across town) was “out-of-network”. I get my PSA-prostate check yearly, because I lost my dad to PCa about 25 years ago. He was my age when his was found.
Garry- glad to hear you’re on the mend. Prayers for your continued recovery & thoughts and prayers go out to your daughter & family.
97- hello & welcome back to the coffee & “fertilizer” cafe.

Dreary cool & ☔️ day here in the ❤️ of WI country.

CN-leased units 1311 & 1023 leading a tanker consist on CN’s Superior sub near the tiny village of Milladore, WI(pop 267), being pushed by UP-6573 & CN-2999.



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Beady - Kegels. Haven't seen or heard of them in over thirty years. And I thought then that my wife was just smiling at me when she was doing them.
One of the gender crossovers that no one knows about. Another is hot flashes. My wife laughed at me for years when I told her I was having one. You should have seen the look on her face when her best friend told her men can have them. I see the endocrinologist in a couple of weeks, maybe I can find out what's causing them. They're not debilitating, nor serious, just annoying.


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Good afternoon. It’s cloudy and 72.
I’m glad I have a cell phone, otherwise how would all these scammers be able to tell me I’m paying too much for insurance?
Good afternoon. It’s cloudy and 72.
I’m glad I have a cell phone, otherwise how would all these scammers be able to tell me I’m paying too much for insurance?
That’s why I’m glad I have that scam-filter app on my phone. Only about 10% of the robocalls get through & I still screen them via voicemail. If they don’t leave a legit vm, I delete & block.


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Finally quit storming. Now just intermittent showers. Temp is down to 74* but still damp.
Nothing doing with my pike. Tried running a train yesterday- NO GO . Track needs a good cleaning.
Prayers for all in need,

PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

Did some things around the house and later discovered that my Shark A-A lashup had lost it's DCC address and when I tried to re-add the address it wouldn't work. I finally discovered the throttle was in the wrong mode to programo_O. Tomorrow I'm going out to my parents to help them clean their garage. I'm sure it will be a fun time.

Mike- Nice 1:1 photos.

Ken- I am truly sorry to hear about your prostate cancer and I wish you all the best. Prayers for you.

Terry- You mean Sherrel wasn't the pilot?

Patrick- Looks good. I hope Thomas had a good run.:)

Garry- I hope your daughter is doing better. Prayers for her.

Willie- I like the signage on your 2 buildings.

Dave- Nice layout shot.

I hope everyone has a good night.
Good Afternoon Everyone......rainy here in Wisconsin.

I finally took some photos of my "Wet" areas on the layout. If you remember I did a lily pad making project several weeks ago and now I'm finally finished for the time.


Small pond near Omro on the CM&NR with a few lily pads. -Greg


Weedy area in another pond near Rock Junction. -Greg


Corner of a "wet" area near Rocky Junction. -Greg


Same pond......pads are in upper right corner of photo. -Greg

The photo could of been better...but....?

The photos good better when clicked to enlarge. I like photo's #3 and #4 the best.


The C&NW Budd RDC car waiting on a siding by Rocky Junction. -Greg



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That’s why I’m glad I have that scam-filter app on my phone. Only about 10% of the robocalls get through & I still screen them via voicemail. If they don’t leave a legit vm, I delete & block.
I just don't answer if the caller isn't on my contact list; if it's important, they'll leave a message (a very few robocalls will leave a message). I seldom block a number because spoofing is now pretty common, and a given robocaller will almost always spoof a different number for each call. Oddly, both my cell and the house phone will occasionally get a voicemail in Chinese.


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Thanks everybody for the welcome-backs and well-wishes! Wish I had more time to reply individually but since I still have a daytime job and household chores, I gotta be brief.
UPDATE: I wanted to share a few pics, but now the email feature on my cellphone can no longer send messages to my gmail account!!!o_O:mad: It demands a password, but doesn't give me a keypad to type it in. It just throws up a dialog saying that Samsung Email wants access to my gmail account, with dire security warnings. Been fighting with that for an hour. Guess I can't use email to upload photos from my cell phone anymore.:confused::(


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Good evening .

Many thanks to those who posted well wishes and prayers regarding my surgery and our daughter’s illness . ( Karl, Dave LASM, Mike , Curt, Ken IB , Phil, Johnny, Sherrel, Willie, Chet, Patrick, and any I missed ).

Updates. I was at doctors today to have catheter removed. Also, doctors examined my hand which is swollen to double normal size resulting from IV’s. Checking for blood clots. Biopsy of bladder tumor results have not been reported yet.

Our daughter’s condition improved. She was released and is now resting in her home. The will be better than trying to rest in the hospital.

Thanks again.
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Good Morning All. Clear skies and 62° cool morning. Winds out of the north at 0 mph! How do they know that they're north if they're 0? Still unusually cool for this time of year, haven't had the A/C on since Monday. I'll try the green eggs and ham special this morning Flo.
Yesterday was another outdoor chores day. Added more mulch to the garden rows, hoed the sweet potatoes that I planted about two weeks ago and did some general maintenance. Spent another 45 minutes with the chainsaw (my self-imposed limit for safety) and started the next round of mowing, doing the same area on the east side of the house that I just did last Friday. Pool is a bit on the chilly side at 78°, but refreshing none the less. Today being Thursday is grocery/beer trek day, not yet sure if I'll be making any other stops.

Thanks for the likes and positive comments regarding yesterday's structure pictures, Sherrel, Mark, Jerome, Dave, Patrick, Phil, Curt, Ken.

A bit more progress in the train shed yesterday. On the peninsula project, I touched up some paint and added about half of a large graveled parking/loading area around the fertilizer distributor. I'll finish that area today or tomorrow and then start with ground detailing. Removed two of the trees that I planted Tuesday and added additional ground foam to them so they would appear fuller. Spent some time at the workbench with the Masonic Lodge. I added the roof supports, some trim supports and the cap to the parapet along the top of the walls, Did a bit of touch-up painting as well.
Here's a couple of industries that get a lot of traffic on the layout. Magic Pan Bakeries is a modified (to make it larger) Walther's kit. While I didn't initially notice, my seven year old (at the time) grandson thought it was real cute to have a PIE truck at the bakery!
01-03-16 006.JPG

Valley Growers is another Walther's kit, augmented with a Rix grain bin and piping.
12-22-12 015.JPG

Sherrel -
Spousal Unit, daughter, and G-Son left for a week in CABO this morning.
Can't believe that they left you behind!
Dave - Nice ground level shot. I like the rail weathering.
Terry -
I’m glad I have a cell phone, otherwise how would all these scammers be able to tell me I’m paying too much for insurance?
Same here except it is mortgage refinancing. I paid off my mortgage in 1995! Nothing to refinance here. I occasionally answer just to amuse myself.
Greg - Nice water scenes.
Garry - Good progress report, hope that they resolve the swollenness. Continued prayers for you and your daughter.

Outta here for now. Everybody have an awesome day. Stay out of trouble Sherrel!


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Good morning everyone. 54 and clear out there. Had a couple of nice showers yesterday evening so didn't have to water the garden or the grass seed.

Dave L&SM - nice photo
Willie - another good photo of your structures.
Greg - those are nice photos

All of the photos posted inspire me to work on my own layout.

Time for an all-morning meeting. At least there will be plenty of coffee!!
Have a good day everyone.


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Good morning all, 55 and sunny. Supposed to have some thunder this weekend, but continued mild temps.

It is rice krispies for me. Can never go wrong with them.

THANKS for comments on yesterdays photo

Willie-- I like the travel trailer house in the foreground. I could see one there.

Garry-- good to hear about daughters condition

Greg-- I like the water features

Todays layout shot is a couple NP box cars with the coal tower in the background. Also always liked the turquoise GN box car.

sorting, reduced.jpg

more later, Dave


"retired" conductor
Good morning gang!
64° and clearing.
Chet, nice wetlands, need some cleanup though, before the EPA guys see it! ;)
Ken, Sounds like time to disable that Samsung garbage, and just let Google take over.
Willie I'm jealous of your progress, I can't see my workbench, let alone get anything done!

Now they expect me to work, well here goes nothing!:rolleyes:


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Good morning. Another beautiful day. We should get up into the mid to upper 70;s again today.

No trains yesterday. I went to physical therapy and then got out the sprayer and attacked the weeds. No wind so I flew my drone for a while.

Flying_the_drone001.jpg I did not pull an Eric and lose it in a tree. He was sure bummed out about that. I miss him a lot. I have the box of rock molds he borrowed to build his mountain sitting under the layout. I reminder of a good friend.

Ray - That locomotive does look a bit better.

- Prayers for your daughter. Hoping they can get her back on her feet soon.

Dave - Great photos again. Keep them coming.

- Some nice shots as usual. You have quite the imagination when it comes to different businesses for the layout. That bakery is looking good.

Ken - Sorry to hear about your situation. Prayers for you also. Nice to see you in here again. Phones now can be a real pain in the butt. I had an update come in and it screwed up a number of apps and programs. Thankfully my son is a computer gook and he got the phone operating the way I had it after a bit of work and some colorful words.

Greg - Glad your visitor enjoyed the layout. Your photos were great. Like the stream a lot.

There will be trains today as Thursday afternoon is an operating session at the club.

A quick photo of my tourist train leaving the yard and about to get on the main line.


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