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Good morning. 58° and sunny!

Harborside Warehouse.jpg

Making progress on the Marine Terminal, warehouse and pier. No where near finished, but much more appealing than the stand-in dumbbell.:rolleyes:


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Good Morning all,

Another pleasant day in store in Northern Illinois. Started in the upper 50s, and supposedly going to touch 80, but not sure it will get there. Rain is supposed to move in later this afternoon. We will see.

Have great day!


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Good morning everyone. 71 and overcast, hitting 94 today. Coffee's on!

Hope today is not a pin-drop day.

Toot - that is a great photo
Boris - I agree - the building is looking really good

I dodged jury duty today - reason to celebrate with a doughnut!! (Actually, ANYTHING is a reason to celebrate with a doughnut) I hate that stuff - Now don't rail on me - I know it's my civic duty and all that, but I hate the interruption in my life. I've been called quite a few times but only impaneled once, but it's also the waiting around to be interviewed that wastes so much time.
The remodel projects continue. We spend every evening looking at tiles, bathtubs, mirrors, lighting, shower fixtures, etc. I'm letting MOH take over on this stuff - it drives me nuts!
Worked on some details of the MR-IV structure - this is turning into a 2-month construction project!

Coffee's calling. Have a good day everyone.


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Willie and Johnny. I found that one on the net years ago and saved it. The old '38 Chevy coupe (by the look of it) is a very unusual load, probably on delivery into Terry's neck of the woods.

Here's something I have been working on, it's on an Atlas Trainman car.

The prototype, more or less


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Good morning y'all. I'm just going to borrow Terry's weather report since it currently matches my own. Trying to make it through the next 2 days so I can hopefully get the weekend off. Need to make some more progress on my own bathroom remodel. Also have a couple of big job bids to work out details for. And I'm getting pretty antsy anticipating what all is in the HO score I picked up. Did a cursory inspection of the track box last night. Seems to be a good amount. Mostly nickel plate, but I did see some brass in the mix as well. Not too sure about that. May try to tear into one of the locos to see why it's not working well. Or if I can sneak it's acquisition in, I'll get some foam to start work on my N layout. That's right, as Willie mentioned, the RR Bug bit hard. I am currently refusing to make a choice. I want all the trains! o_O lol


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Good Morning All. 80° and clear. Only reached 106° yesterday with a heat index of 113°; but with only 21% humidity, it was quite tolerable. Being able to get in the pool with a beer or two also helped. We are actually under an excessive heat warning and the forecast calls for 109° for the next three days. As I have posted before, this is Mother Nature's revenge for two summers in a row with only a single day above 100°.
Grandsons left yesterday, sorry to see them go. It was a fun-filled four days. I am glad however, that they took the granddog home, as she is really dumb, annoying. She'll be returning in two more weeks while my daughter's family goes to Arkansas for a week.
Out in the train shed, I mostly ran some trains. The boys got bored after about fifteen minutes when I started doing switching. I did spend some time adding more figures to the business district and fixed the misaligned fence rail. I also started to add some Woodland Scenics field grass along the ROW. Here's a couple of random pictures from Main Street (the others were from Highway 49).
The first is one end of Merchant's Row I. That is Lumpy reaching down to pick up a penny on the sidewalk in front of the Hardware Store.
07-17-18 010.JPG

The other end of MR I with leaning street sign.
07-17-18 015.JPG

Across the street. A small park next to the tavern.
07-17-18 017.JPG

Some townsfolk in front of the boutique.
07-19-18 006.JPG

Jesse - I understand that the roadbed can be removed from EZ track if needed. Don't discount brass track completely. If you end up with an HO layout, it can be used on industry tracks and little-used sidings. I also use it on storage/display shelves. You can set up your posts to include your signature automatically when you post.
Sherrel - Who is Bob Finan? He was able to confirm what I had suspected regarding the lease unit. I don't have a source for those particular units. Thanks for the history.
Joe - The Marine Terminal is looking good.
Johnny - Like you, it's the bureaucratic waiting that ruins all of my good intentions regarding jury duty.

Everybody have a great day, the weekend is approaching for all who are still in the labor force. Stay cool and hydrated.


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Good morning ....

Boris ..... Your progress with the marine terminal looks great ....

Willie .... Your downtown buildings look very nice with the interiors and with the figures.

Toot .... The bulkhead flat loaded with timber looks very nice.

Toot ..... Somebody once put one of them on an airplane ..... He flew the coupe. ....... :p


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Computer just about dead! I may try and resolder the plug back onto the lead this morning.
If that does not work, I will have to "fire-up" the ASUS - or find the iPad if I can remember which drawer I threw it in.
Only supposed to be 88 today - just looked at 63 with 88% humidity (very unusual) - yesterday as I mentioned was very miserable not being used to basically any humidity.

Toot -- nice photos from you - YES the U-50 is a brass model and it is a beauty of a model.
The log load certainly looks good - nice work. Did you finish the dozer load? Don't remember seeing a finished shot?

JOE - nice looking building you have a start on there. I see the dumbell lurking off to the right there. Don't let him sneak up and sit on your work?

That's it for this computer for a while .. screen just went to dim.
More coffee ....


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Good morning. 56 degrees to start off the day with an expected high around 80. Never checked in yesterday. Had a chance to get some seat time in flying. Got an early start arouind 0700. A beautiful day to do some flying. Have to get the hours in to keep my license current. landed around 11 AM, had lunch ad went to a friends house. Started getting hot outside so we went down to the basement and played pool for a while. Got back hiome in time to move hoses trying to leep the lawn green adn then put some rib eyes on the new grill.

Willie - What's with the need of weathering? Eventually some dust will settle on the layout and a bird already crapped on the new grill. I count that as weathering. Enjoyed the photos you posted of your layout. Keep them coming.

- Like th e load of logs. Nice job. Like the photo of the car on the flatbed. Possibly an old Pontiac.

Joe - Good start on the marine terminal. Looking forward to see how it turns out.

- I understand your feeling about jury duty. I have also managed to avoid it so far. Being ex law enforcement has disqualified me so far.

IronBeltKen - Nice to see that you are lurking and finally making your presence known.

I will be heading over to the club this afternoon to run for a while. Have some bowling to do at the Montana State Games in Billings on Saturday.

Here's a rail photo for today.



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Toot - Nice looking log car. I assume those are twigs you've found around the yard?
Willie - nice photos. I really like the variety of folks and their positions.


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Willie - town looks great. I used to have my signature set when I was able to access the forum through the Tapatalk app, but now I can't. That's where the laziness comes in. Just haven't set it up again. I will investigate the removal of the roadbed from the EZ track. That will be very helpful in both scales.

Sherrel - good luck with your electronics. Be careful in the humidity. If you ain't used to it, it can be a killer.

I've managed to get out of jury duty every time I've been summoned. Death in family, no longer a resident of the county/state issuing the summons. Last was federal. Had a good excuse, sole bread winner for family. Made up some good answers for the survey I had to take. Got real creative when they asked about bumper stickers on my car in the last 10 years...;) and had a great speech prepared on my support of capital punishment and my willingness to see someone fry for whatever they did. Whatever it was going to take to be permanently disqualified short of being convicted of a felony myself. Lol
Sunny & 75 here in the Wisconsin Valley.
Johnny- when I was out on long term disability, I would have enjoyed being selected for jury duty to break up the boredom of just sitting home.
Toot- sweet looking timber car. I see plenty of those on the CN Stevens Point-Superior subdivision that runs thru town.
Boris- marine terminal is looking good. Is that where you ship Moose & Squirrel off to foreign lands?
Chet- have good time knocking em down in Billings.


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I have been called for jury duty several times but only had to report once. I was actually kind of excited. I sat and at about 3:00 they told the rest of us we were free to go, our services weren’t needed.


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Here I am on the dreaded ASUS! Spell check does not work for some reason on the forum - works using Word or Notepad? I finally mastered the touchpad on it ... I taped a piece of padded envelope over it soes it does not run the pointer all over the page when I accidently "brush" it when trying to type.

CHET - I have lately missed flying quite a bit. I doubt that with BP now that I could get a medical again?
Maybe I should just go and hang out more at the aerodrome here and see if I can talk my way into a ride around the neighborhood?

Willie -- BoB Finan is a photographer and is the owner of a Facebook group called Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
Here is the connection to it.
Thousands of SF pics - NO BNSF or BN allowed!
Have your wife look it up - I believe you said that she is on Facebook?
You should be just for the RR and model groups!

OK .. gonna go try my soldering skills now!


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Johnny - I understand your feeling about jury duty. I have also managed to avoid it so far. Being ex law enforcement has disqualified me so far.
Mrs Beady has jury duty next week, and I've got it the week after. Dont know whether I'd be disqualified because of being a retired immigration officer. Guess I'll be finding out.

You may not have seen my question about Montana weather in August (it was part of *that* post). We'll be passing through about a month from now, on our way to Seattle, and would like to know what kind of undergarments to wear (I apologize to everybody if "undergarments" is too scatalogical - Come to think of it, I apologize for using "scatalogical," and I hope my apologies aren't proving to be offensive).

You also would have missed the news that my elder son finally found a job: He makes body parts for horror movies. I think his company's web site is Meanwhile, our other son is a bouncer at the Comedy Club in San Diego. Strange: My father was disappointed when I didn't want a job on the assembly line; I wonder what he would have thought about his grandsons?
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