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I still get milk delivered in glass bottles where I live.Taste the best out of glass.I think Hoover's Dairy is the last in NYS to do home delivery.
Thanks, I had no idea anybody was still delivering milk. That's convenient, but how much does it cost?

The last I read the wholesale price of milk was $0.13/gallon. Discount stores in Baltimore are selling whole milk for $1/gallon.

I also read some dairy farmers who grow crops are using their milk as fertilizer rather than selling it for so little.

I still buy Cloverland Milk from Royal Farms stores. I pay about $2.50/gallon, but I think it's worth it.


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Good Morning All. Downright warm here compared with everyone else, at 37° and cloudy. That's 80° warmer than Mark!
Here's a map from TV station WLKY in Louisville KY showing where it's colder than a witches *** in a brass bra!

View attachment 33917

And now another tee shirt picture, not quite as scary as I brushed my hair for this one.
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My wife doesn't like me to wear this one in public!:(

Thanks for the comments on the pictures from yesterday, Garry, Chet, Greg, Curt, and anyone else that I may have overlooked.

I mostly studied my new town yesterday in the train shed. I'm deciding on parking lots, concrete, asphalt or gravel; tree placement, vehicles and other details. I also picked out a handful of additional figures to be added. I'll likely start on the ground cover today depending on how much time I spend out there this afternoon, and dependent on whether or not I pick up the throttle and run trains. .

Louis -

The ScaleTrains "Rivet-Counters" HO models are all fully loaded with details. They are the finest mass produced models that I have seen in 35 years of modeling.
Those alcohol freezing numbers should be very familiar to those of us that accidentally left a beer in the freezer overnight when younger!:mad:
Joe - Like your area, we rarely see single digits here. We had a three-week spell in the late 80's where it didn't get above 20° and actually went below 0° twice. Several days in the 1-10 degree range. Still see single digits about every 3-4 years.

I'm with Garry on dropping the discussions on climate change/global warming. Not because anyone has been argumentative or uncivil, but more because I think that we have all had our say and we're just rehashing the same old stuff.
How about another picture of Jack's taken from the other side?
View attachment 33924
Next door to Jack's is the local hangout, "Sud's Bucket". It's about 90% complete as I was always waiting to position it before completing the detailing.
View attachment 33925
The rear loading dock.
View attachment 33926

Today is National Hot Chocolate Day, very appropriate for many of the northerners here; especially if you don't indulge in hot toddies! Of course if you haven't gotten your liquor inside yet, it may be too late for that.
Otherwise, everybody have a great day and stay warm.
Willie:. Really nice look buildings with lots of attention to details and signage that really add to the scene !
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