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My thermometer states 25 below! Weather Underground agrees, Wind only 4 MPH; but, out of the NW. Must be enough wind to mix up the temps and keep temperatures equal. Happy New Year to all! Temperature in the basement (the most important temperature of all) is 55 degrees, which is sufferable and with my little space heater under my bench, quite comfortable. Thanks for the new thread, opening up the new year, 2019, Willie!
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With all of the wind, 6 minutes into the new year, the lights flickered and went out. I was on the computer in the spare bedroom. The UPS kicked in, powering the computer and the desk lamp. My wife was in the living room watching the new years festivities on tv. I heard her comment, "what a hell of a way to start the new year - where's that damned flashlight - I hate this power company". I was back here sitting in the light and laughing. She didn't think it was funny. The outage lasted only 2 minutes, but it was funny.

Anyway . . . Happy New Year everyone!
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Good Morning all,

Happy New Year!!!

Willie...Thanks for opening up.

Last day of vacation. then its back to the grind. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't make it up till midnight.

30 degrees this morning, and I believe that's about our high for today, but no precipitation.

Have a great day all!


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Good Morning again Everyone. 33° and cloudy. Temperature isn't supposed to change much until Friday, ranging from 30° to 35° before going back up to the mid-50's on Friday. We're under a "winter weather advisory" from 3:00 am later tonight until 6:00 am Friday. Freezing rain and ice with a bit of snow mixed in. We'll be back in the 60's beginning Saturday for about a week according to the current 10-day forecast. Yesterday's afternoon high of 60° was quite pleasant. I was able to let the fire in the wood stove go out and I was able to get some ashes out.
Yesterday was not the day we had planned on. I had to make a grocery/beer run since we skipped last week. Add to that a visit to the Dollar General, the Vitamin Shoppe, and Home Depot and the entire morning was shot. Then we got an unexpected invite to dinner last night where we consumed two bottles of wine and one of champagne, while my wife's friend emptied her flask of DeWars Scotch. Still made it to bed by 10:00. Slept through the neighbor's fireworks extravaganza which apparently woke up my wife. Ah! The benefits of taking hearing aids out when sleeping!
We're expecting my granddaughter and her parents to visit today. My SIL got a "Mini-bike" for Christmas and wants to give it a workout here on rural roads since it's not street-legal. I already warned him that if he gets "off-road" he will get stuck in the mud!
Only saw a little activity in the train shed yesterday, mostly ran trains and cleared the floor for today's visitors.

Mark - Minus 25°!!! I guess that I should be thankful that you only sliced off some of that weather to send here!
Joe -
David: It just occurred to me that the Middlesex Manufacturing Co. kit by Atlas represents one of those wood floor beam structures. The prototype, is still standing, now condos, in Helmetta, NJ along the Conrail Amboy Secondary track. I know for a fact that the walls were secured to the floors by steel rods and washers. I don't believe that the kit offers these details.
The kit does not have that detail in the walls.
Phil - Hope that you're feeling better very soon.

I'm ready to start the New Year. Everybody have a great day.


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Good morning Everybody!

I'm late this morning because I just got off the phone with my best cobber, Rodney from Tasmania. I've never been one for long phone conversations, but Rodney and I usually talk for 2 hours or more. Thank God for speaker phones because my hands can't hold onto anything for more than a few minutes.

I hope Everybody had a fun and safe New Years Eve. For my wife and I it was just another night. She had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off from work because it's no trouble for her to find people to work for triple pay. New Years nobody wanted to work for double pay so she had to. That's the trouble with being a nice General Manager. She won't force people to work, so she has too.

I had an eventful New Years Eve. I thought I had a pork lion in the freezer for dinner today, but I thought wrong. I had to go to the grocery store. Judging by all the people in the store I thought "they must be giving out free beer". Oh well I found a beautiful pork lion for $1.99 per pound and some other good deals as well. To top it off I checked my grocery store app and they had an electronic coupon for $10 off of a $50 purchase! I love saving money.

The events continued when I got home. I see my little beagle, Sophie shivering and I thought "it is kind of cold in here". I check the thermostat and sure enough it was only 64, it's set for 70. I see the thermostat says the batteries are low. I know that should not be the problem, but I was hoping. I replace the batteries and just as I expected, still no heat.

What's the chance of getting a HVAC technician late in the afternoon on New Years Eve? I thought "slim to none and slim is going out for the night". Guess who gets to be the HVAC tech? Me, do I have HVAC experience? Very little, but I am the odd man out. Time to learn how a high efficiency central air system with gas fired forced hot air works. I never worked on one of these before.

As it turned out this modern thing has a circuit board with diagnostic lights and a chart to tell me what they mean on the inside of the cover. The fault code said it was the pressure sensor switch open. Ok... what does a pressure sensor switch do? Let me see if there is an online service manual, nope. Frigidaire says "servicing furnaces is dangerous, call a certified technician" Thanks for nothing. Let me look at the schematic, ok the pressure switch allows current to pass to circuit board to allow the ignitor to light the gas.

(I'm back again, got side tracked when my little man (grandson) woke up. Even thought it's just him and I we are going to have a big holiday breakfast; bacon, sausage, fried ham, eggs and toast. It won't cook itself, so I had to get it started.)

The pressure sensor switch is a simple diaphragm operated by pressure or vacuum. I pull the air supply tube, the diaphragm works both ways, no help. I bypass the pressure switch and reset the furnace. Ignitor comes on but no gas flow. New fault code; "1 hour lockout". I guess that is something for safety? I pull every connection to everything and clean them while I wait. Finally, tired of waiting I reset the furnace, thank God it lights and has been operating fine ever since.

Maybe it was simply a stuck pressure sensor switch? I don't know, but I think I will have to find out sooner rather than later.

I know a wholesaler that sells appliance & HVAC parts, maybe they can get me a manual, I hope so.

We are enjoying a balmy 64° to start the year off, although later in the day the temperature is supposed to drop into the 30s by tomorrow morning.

Nothing special planned for today, The cat and I managed to stay up to greet the New Year. I even found a video on "You Tube" of Guy Lombardo playing the traditional music. I was in bed before 0030.

Willie: Thanks for checking that out.

Hope everyone has a really good year.



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Nothing special planned for today, The cat and I managed to stay up to greet the New Year. I even found a video on "You Tube" of Guy Lombardo playing the traditional music. I was in bed before 0030.
Boris, you brought back great memories for me; Guy Lombardo. The people who raised me, my Nanny and Jack watched him every year! I can almost hear the music as I sat on the floor played with my baseball cards. I always wondered why my Nanny would cry when they played "Auld Lang Syne" I understand now.


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The sausage is ready, the bacon is in the pan, the ham is next. If anybody is hungry please come by and eat. God knows I'm making too much food for an old man, a boy and two beagles.


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Shown in the iconic AP Image below is Clemente's last regular-season at-bat, when he collected his 3,000th hit on Sept. 30, 1972. Baseball Digest

Until recently I was upset that watched Clemente almost single handily snatch the 1971 World Series crown from my Baltimore Orioles. Just this last year I realized I was lucky to have seen every game of the 71 series on TV. I witnessed history watching Clemente's phenomenal performance. I have never seen a better all-around performance in any world series since.
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Happy New Year to Everyone, although to me it's just another day - seems as if they all run together anymore.
I failed in my attempt to see the ball drop in Times Square - been there, done that, in my younger days.
Finally starting to feel like joining the human race again - that was a rough one. Phil - Hope you get better soon.
Spent yesterday watching the lawn cart fill up with water which I had parked right outside the door full of firewood.
I guess that I had better go turn it on it;s side this morning!
Did you all catch that - we had a real good rain yesterday for most of the day -- of course, I forgot to sit my bucket out - I have no idea how much we received, but there was standing water in the yard and that takes a lot!
Planning to maybe watch a couple games and just read some RR books. Except to dump the wood cart over, I doubt that I will try and get out. Still really "stuffed up" with a deep cough.


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Guess I will suffer through the Rose Bowl Parade again ... My better half was in the Queen's Court way back when.
Looking at the photo - I think she should have been the Queen!


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SURLY- Whoops, ment SHERREL- I'm better hope you get well quickly. It's hell feeling weak and no strength to even talk.

LOUIS- I have a HANK AARON card-dated 1975 . Shows him as being a Des. Hitter. It's a "TOPPS CHEWING GUM"
WELL damn-Just found a second AARON card-names him NEW ALL-TIME HOME RUN KING. Didn't realize I had it.
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