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UPS just off loaded the back refractory for the Heatilator box!
It was in one piece - boy, that company knows how to pack!
Front & back surrounded by honeycomb and then the whole thing double wrapped with bubble wrap. Weight is 18.7 lbs! Chet: from Columbia Falls, MT heatilator.jpg
Now to see if I can get it in place without breaking it?
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Mikey: That Bridge has many names, depending on what side of the bridge you are from. :rolleyes:
My favorite was "The Warren Street Bridge", but aka "Trenton Makes" Bridge, Lower Morrisville Bridge. At least everyone agrees that the Toll Bridge is the "Freeway Bridge" Hey, only in Jersey:rolleyes:!

Garry: Burlington cab units always look good. nice photo.

View attachment 44144
Western Railroad Action from June 1977
Boris- aint many “free ways” outta Jersey.
Boris- aint many “free ways” outta Jersey.
You got that right, Mike! :D Keep in mind that the only designated "Freeway" in Jersey is US1 between the Delaware River and Hamilton Twp. It was built as a freeway so the Politicians and State Employees wouldn't have to pay tolls going too and from work, like the rest of us have to do.

The only toll free bridges are the Warren Street Bridge, The Calhoun St. Bridge, both in Trenton; the Lambertville - New Hope bridge, and a couple others North of Trenton. All tolls are one way, paid leaving Jersey...what does that tell ya?


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You got that right, Mike! :D Keep in mind that the only designated "Freeway" in Jersey is US1 between the Delaware River and Hamilton Twp. It was built as a freeway so the Politicians and State Employees wouldn't have to pay tolls going too and from work, like the rest of us have to do.

The only toll free bridges are the Warren Street Bridge, The Calhoun St. Bridge, both in Trenton; the Lambertville - New Hope bridge, and a couple others North of Trenton. All tolls are one way, paid leaving Jersey...what does that tell ya?

Boris- that tells what I’ve know for years. Ya wanna leave NJ, it’s gonna cost ya $$$!!


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Howdy everyone!

I appreciate all the likes on my stuff! :)

Flo - a bacon cheeseburger, a bowl of chili, coffee and bring the hot sauce.

James - I have a fond appreciation for anything Caterpillar. When I first saw Cat's promo train,
I searched for additional photos, but there's just a few of the EMD and some of the flats. :(
I hope you find the Athearn CAT's, as that would be a great addition to your stable!

Dave - really good photos! The last one reminds me to pick up some Maker's Mark ;)

Willie - The elevator progress photos are great. Good idea with the piping. Nice work on the truck.
My Dad had a flatbed straight-job very similar, except it was a Diamond-T. That was the truck I
learned on at 8 years old. Your flatbed driver did what I have to do - lose some weight! I've gained
some, since retiring in Nov. :rolleyes:

Chet -

I agree with your build methods. It just makes sense to layout and build that way. Good photos
of your early construction!
The carrier photo really makes one understand the size of those ships! Awe inspiring.
The ratchet strap on the dirt! Another funny one :D LOL

Sherrel - thanks for the favorable layout comment. Zooming in that close on the A/C unit
shows my mistakes, even when I touch it up, there's still some goofs. When my hands get
tired and ache (which is after a short period) they start to shake and would make a paint can
mixer/shaker envious! ;):) I like the end of track bumper!

Patrick - belated Happy Birthday!

Curt - thanks for the comment - it's appreciated!

Joe - Great photos - interesting!


Everyone have a great day!

new out of the fabrication shop @ Kasgro Rail - New Castle PA

You can get the HO version.
OVERHEARD IN AN ADULT BEVERAGE ESTABLISHMENT - The only way you will have a smoking hot bod is to be cremated.

We have spent the last couple days looking at new refrigerators. Our 3 year old FRIGIDAIRE died after several service calls, I found out the corroded heat exchanged is not repairable. We are limited for space beside what was the matching stand alone freezer. We have the search down to two models. Frigidaire is not being considered..... at all!
Willie- The flatbed is looking good, but the driver will have a problem unloading the feed sacks.

edit- learned how to spell Frigidaire.
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Good Morning Everyone. 37° and clear. Expecting sunshine all day again today with temperatures near 65° for a couple of days. Weather folks are predicting a high of 78° on Monday, then back into the 40's and 50's for a few days. Good opportunity to remove the ashes from the wood burning heater. It's been a mild winter so far for us, only reaching below 25° twice and that was back in October. I don't expect anything below 30° here until next winter.
The official 70th Birthday party for my wife is tonight at my daughter's home in North Dallas. Both daughters are throwing it and I have no idea who has been invited. I am expecting some of our friends and spouses, some of their children, some friends of my daughters, some of who we have known since grade school, all of the grandkids and maybe our son and his wife might drive up from San Antonio for the occasion. In deference to the "older crowd", it starts at 5:30. SIL has two beer fridges, always full. My grandsons will spend the whole day today clearing their "stuff" (Legos, Star Wars, etc) from he living room and den for their part.

How about a tall stack of blueberry pancakes and a handful of bacon over here this morning Flo.

Thanks for the likes and comments regarding the ongoing layout progress posted yesterday; Karl, Jerome, Sherrel, Bill, Greg, James, Patrick, Chet, Garry, Curt, Phil, Jim, Tom, Rick, Ken, Justin. While progress right now is slow, it is well worth the effort.

Spent some time in the train shed yesterday afternoon after it warmed up a bit. I re-assembled the Oxford 54 Chevy pickup truck and added details to the bed.
02-14-20 009.JPG

02-14-20 010.JPG

It definitely looks more authentic after the dull coat. No driver for this vehicle as it will be parked
Weathered the grain elevator, silo and the elevator building. Attached the elevator to the layout with a pair of screws.
02-15-20 007.JPG

Over on the workbench I am constructing the piping, one to the elevator building, one to the silo and a third to the feed/seed bagging mill. I still need to add some bollards around the truck entrance to the elevator.
All current progress on the materials yard beyond the tracks has stopped for now as I think about it and do some additional research.

Greg -
I had one problem getting the decals to sink into channels on the sides of the hoppers.
Do you use Solvaset or any other decal setting solution? I find that they do a reasonably good job of settling decals into crevices and over rivets.
Chet -
Beady - Love your sense of humor but on occasions I think that you may be one sick individual.
You don't really think so!:eek:
Garry -
Willie .... How can the driver of the flatbed reach the pedals without feet ?
He uses an XBox controller.;)
Jim - I fully expected to gain a few pounds when I retired but thankfully didn't. I already had a few too many from being at a primarily desk job during the last years. I recently started an "eat less" diet and lost 30 pounds before Christmas; and I actually feel better. Just reactivated the diet last week and have already shed 6 more. Had to dig out those barely worn jeans from 15 years ago.
I'll be looking forward to your creek pour. I have three that I have been putting off, although I have enough other areas that I have been working on in the meantime.
Mikey - Wow! Three years for the fridge really sucks. Good Luck.

Everybody have a great day and a wonderful weekend. By the way, I wonder what happened to Hughie (Texas Hobo)?


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Morning - it's 40, supposed to reach 72 today with clear, sunny skies.
FLO, how are you this weekend? Just some coffee and a bear claw this morning... I have to hit Wally World this morning before the crowds show up. Last week I by passed it up because the parking lot was full - that was at 9AM.

How about a brand new U-25b this morning.
Shown at Erie, PA in March 1965 ... Look at those handrails!


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15°, high overcast. Supposed to start warming up over the next several days. 29 days to the cruise. Right now those palm trees and rum punches are looking pretty good.

I'm having trouble working up enthusiasm for going down to the basement, ever since all those derailments. I think the main problem is that even the factory-weighted cars aren't heavy enough to get through the double crossovers; then, there's one or two areas of the track that either need new rail joiners or should just be replaced. A lot of my track is used so I guess I should have expected it.

Let's dip into the vault:

Good Morning model railroaders....overcast but warmer.

Willie: About the decals...I used MicroScale Blue first in the area where the decals would be applied followed by a coat of the MicroScale Red on top of the decals and then finally a coat Walters Solvaset. I let each solution dry between applications. Over night the thinner sections of the decals settled perfectly into the channels and the wide section perhaps two thirds of the way into the channel. I'll live with the results. That Solvaset is the most powerful decal setting solution.

CM&NR Logo November 15, 2018 Free.jpg

I heard something on the TV some time ago that stays in my mind. Two guys were working on a vehicle and one of the guys was taking longer than the other fellow though it was necessary. The first guy explained that when his work was done, some one in the future may open up the vehicle and find that his work was done properly, even thought no one may ever see his work for a long time.

I think when doing a decoder install, knowing that when I replace the shell over the chassis when the job is done, it's likely that some future owner of that loocmotive will be the first to open the chassis and my work will be there for his inspection of my efforts and he hopefully finds it well done. I think it's the pride in one's work in that doing a good job that no one may the true sign of a craftsman.

Purchased some estate rolling stock and when adjusting the couplers and changing out wheel sets, some of the cars had large amounts of plastic cement holding the coupler pockets in place since he used the wrong parts, some cars had Kadee couplers that didn't work properly and there was very poor weathering jobs on the trucks. Never knew who the modeler was, but I now owned his rolling stock and could see his work that was done knows when, but perhaps the crude efforts were a rush job on his part or he didn't care to do the work properly.

Enough philosophy for this Saturday.

No trains today....going to a bar/grill for some food and a cocktail. Then tomorrow the Daytona 500 and no trains.

The wife purchased me a hand held battery powered vacuum and it will work great for cleaning the layout. A powerful motor and light to hold with one hand. I'll use a make up brush to gently sweep the layout's details and rolling stock with the dust picked up the dust and debris.

Look out Monday an entire train day.

See ya.....

Afternoon All,

I'm beat again today. Put a second coat of paint on the new drywall and the bottom of upstairs door frames after they were messed up by putting the flooring in. Replaced the power outlet I missed from before. Carried 6 boxes of my books from the garage and put them in the bookcase. Helped MOH in the new sewing room, and generally moved stuff up the stairs and other stuff down the stairs. More moving tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening we're going out to supper to celebrate Dad's 87th birthday and Daughter's 42nd birthday although she insists she's 21.

Jim- Interesting photos.

Greg- All very nice modeling.

Willie- Happy Birthday to your wife. The truck and business look good.

Sherrel- That is a clean machine to use the words of the Beatles.

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