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Trainroom update. And you fellows thought I gave up! Progress has been very slow as I went back to work full time for 10 weeks ending Oct 14th. Then I had to go to Maui with the Mrs for a week. Then I hurt my back dragging her luggage and others (who I thought were older and weaker than me) off carousels and shuttles & out of rental cars. What should have been several days of recovery has now been 6 weeks but now seems well enough that I painted the "sky" above the benchwork. Ive decided not to build the shelf all the way around the room yet but concentrate on short sections at a time so mistakes are limited to several feet at a time. Still looking at an around the room with a peninsula for a sugar mill and small oil refinery.
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Dave, I'm sorry to hear about your back. Take care not to make it worse.

Nice work!


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Good Morning Everybody!

I slept good again, ginger ale and ice are keeping the cramps away.

My back is stiff this morning, must have been all the recycle trash I put out. I used my little red wagon, but I must have made the boxes of paper to heavy. I'm sure I will feel better after using the heating pad.



Happy Holidays Everybody!


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Good morning. It's 20 and mostly clear.
Weather guessers are calling for 6"-10" of snow between Sunday and Monday. I'd be willing to bet if I went to any grocery store in the area, there wouldn't be a loaf of bread or gallon of milk anywhere near the store.


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A 1942 Ford eh! I had one briefly when I was about 20, I think it had been shipped out from the US in '42 for use as a Navy staff car, as deck cargo on a submarine, it had so much rust in it. Never went back on the road. After that I got hold of a '41 Willys that had been a panel van, but converted to a flat bed with a steel framed, canvas cover over the deck, a column shifter for it's 3 spd box. Great little vehicle, handled as well as any sports car and rode over rough roads like they weren't, thanks to tele shocks. It ended it's life sandwiched between an Ice Cream van and a Bus, when the Bus lost it's grip on the paint line of a wet road.


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Good Morning All. Cloudy and 49°. High today is only supposed to be 51° with rain expected for the next three days. Making the grocery/beer trek this morning with a stop at Dollar General for cat food. They've seemed to have cleared the immediate area of tasty rodents, I haven't even seen any out in the barn. Great day yesterday for garden preparation, I removed the last of the tomato and pepper support cages and mowed the remaining vegetable residue. I also spread several cart loads of wood chips, compost and leaves over the whole area to work into the soil and keep it loose.

Out in the train shed yesterday, it was another lazy day. Ran trains for a couple of hours since I wasn't in the mood for any modeling. Some days are just like that. But that's why the trains are there. Made a local run to a town that I haven't switched in a while, swapped some empty covered hoppers from the cement dealer and left some full ones; pulled a loaded boxcar with automobile generators from a factory and left an empty; swapped some covered hoppers full of plastic pellets at the Tupperware plant and pulled a loaded boxcar of product for shipment; and exchanged boxcars at an as yet unnamed industry. Paused twice while I ran an intermodal and a unit grain train through on the main.

Louis - So Santa needed a police escort in Baltimore even back in 1976? Ah! Yes, St Nicholas Day. I had forgotten.
Johnny - My wife doesn't go to the LHS, but used to tell me to pick up a few things for her to wrap for me. So I would go and get some stuff that I really wanted right away but didn't want to wait for. That stuff went to the train room (at the time) and I would gather 6-8 freight car kits off my stash shelf for her to wrap. Now she just has my daughter pick up a gift certificate when she takes the grandsons to Discount to purchase grandpa some train stuff that they would like to see on the layout.
Greg - Must be nice living so close to several noted modelers.
Dave - Nice to read that you are finally able to get back to the layout. Good luck with the recovery from the back issue.
Hey Bruce. Good to see you post again. I was thinking that you really had taken a very long hunting (or was it fishing) trip. Hope that you get the water issue resolved so we can see the latest build soon. Ever get the scooter running again?
Ray - "deck cargo on a submarine " - I like it!

Great to read about the snow, EVERYWHERE ELSE! I am not a snow fan at all.
Everyone have a great day today. See ya later.
Good morning y'all. Clear and 28°

Yesterday, I bagged four more bags of leaves. I have one more section of the yard to clean, about two bags worth, then I'll load the truck and drive them over to Public Works, where they will be donated to the compost pile.. :rolleyes: I'm a bit stiff this morning as a result. This all used to be a one day project, now, it takes longer. :rolleyes:

Today, we venture over to the mall for some Christmas Shopping :eek:

Louis: I especially like the aerial photo of the Inner Harbor some 70 years ago.



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Good morning y'all. Clear and 28°

Yesterday, I bagged four more bags of leaves. I have one more section of the yard to clean, about two bags worth, then I'll load the truck and drive them over to Public Works, where they will be donated to the compost pile.. :rolleyes: I'm a bit stiff this morning as a result. This all used to be a one day project, now, it takes longer. :rolleyes: Boris
Once the snow covers the leaves they can no longer be seen!


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Good morning everyone. 38 and cloudy. Winter storm approaching from WSW. Hopefully Willie's area will suck most of the snow out of it before it gets here. Still iffy on where it will dump the most - northern AR or southern MO. Possible ice as well as snow. Got the generator and fireplace ready and lots of firewood in the basement, just in case.

Tomorrow my wife goes back in for the brief follow-up surgery. We'll both be glad when tomorrow's over. Looks like soup and sandwiches from this chef for a little while longer.

Not much headway in the trainroom. Tore up some roadway that I wasn't happy with and will put down something new. Also re-routing that section of road to give more room for a few more industries and businesses. Also working on that new area which will probably be a logging camp.

Willie - My wife likes to avoid the gift certificates - she prefers giving actual gifts, so she asked me first what I needed most for the layout and I gave her some ideas. Our LHS always has a section of used structures (folks getting out of the hobby) and we can pick up stuff for $5 to $10, sometimes a little more depending on the structure.

Will try to post from the hospital tomorrow morning. Have a good day everyone.


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Morning Coffee Patrons!
Temp never made it above 50 yesterday and on and off rain showers all day - stopped around 4 pm and then started again around midnight. This entire day was what you guys would call a light sprinkle, but it was heavy enough to get you wet after 5 min of being out in it.
Today says about a 60 degree high with occasional heavy rain - total accumulation of around 1/2 inch?

JOE -- With that many leaves I am surprised that you do not have some type of vacuum to suck them up?
I thought I remembered you saying one year that you raked them over an embankment?
I'll trade you a couple buckets of "beans" from my tree for a bag or two of leaves?

Last evening MOH and I enjoyed our first lit fireplace for the season. It was nice to hear the crackle of the fire and the ambiance of same.
I wonder how long it will be until CA decides to ban fireplaces - at least wood burning types?

Have a nice day :)


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Good morning. Starting off at +1 and may make it to the 20's again. Only got up to 23 degrees yesterday with totally clear skies.

Joe - Never got to clean up my leaves last fall. I had to change the belt for the hydrostatic drive on the tractor and had to remove the mowing deck to do that and by that time the plow went on. By spring, they should make good fertilizer.

Johnny - Hope all goes well tomorrow. Soup and sandwiches ??? Come on guy, you can do better than that.

Willie - I pretty well did the same thing in the train room yesterday. Ran trains and did some switching and had no interest working on any projects.

Louis - A nice bunch of photos. I ran across some old color prints of some Northern Pacific equipment. I'll have to try to scan and post them at some time.

Still have that Rib Side Milwaukee Road box car on the workbench. May put that together today.

Here's a rai; picture for today.


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